Why Prop. 8 is important to me...besides the obvious

So, you all know how I feel about Prop. 8 -but the deeper reason why it's important to me is that it really affects my kids. Foster (age 7) is semi-aware of what's going on. He sees the signs, the ads on TV, etc.

But worst of all, he wants to know if his mommy Laura (I gave birth to him) would have to "go away" if Prop. 8 passes. What a bunch of crap.

What we told him is the truth. There are people who do not want me and mommy Laura to be married (even though we are) - for their own reasons they do not agree. As much as we disagree, they are allowed their beliefs.

BUT, we are LEGALLY married and even if Prop. 8 passes, we will remain LEGALLY married, forever and ever. AND, nobody is going away, we are family - and a damn good one.

So, even though I hope and pray and donate money and talk to people and hang signs and write signs on my car -------- if Prop. 8 passes, our life will remain as it is. We're still going to be married (though not in the eyes of our federal government- not yet...;-)) in CA State and that won't change - regardless of the outcome.

I know that I did my best to stop Prop. 8 from passing. I still don't get how my life impacts those who favor Prop. 8 - regardless of how you feel about same-sex marriage, discrimination is wrong. And those who favor Prop. 8 are pulling out all the ugly lies and making false statements. And most recently, at a Yes on Prop 8 "rally" a spokesman actually compared the right of same-sex couples to marry to the rise of Adolph Hitler and Nazi Germany.

Really...tells a lot about those in favor.

P.S. well, it's a good thing Obama will win - that's a huge bright spot!


Tanya said...

IF it passes I'm sure the ACLU and/or Lambda are ready for it, but it's just plain wrong and all the lies, how is that even legal? My hope is that the way it's written will confuse some people and we might get a few extra accidental "no" votes, with people thinking that they are voting "no" on gay marriage :) sneaky.

Since our family makeup has changed a bit we will be able to get married at any time (ironic eh?), but R's boss said they would give him time off to get married before the 4th, how cool is that? Actually they insisted that we go do it.

MommyNay said...

My understanding was that if it does pass all those marriages will be annulled...am I mistaken? While we do have domestic partnership the marriages would no longer be legal. Also my understanding was that even if it didn't pass the federal government still wouldn't recognize those marriages and we wouldn't gain many more benefits as Domestic Partnership pretty much covers all the same state based rights now anyway...Anyway I'm just curious and haven't found the time to go really research things too much.