A thoughtful approach I received...

"I find the rhetoric about "saving the sanctity" of marriage hypocritical, to say the least. Do they really think "traditional" marriages are never performed to get a green card? To keep someone out of jail? To "cash-in" on big money? To force a young man to marry his pregnant girlfriend? To force two people that have never met, to become joined in an arranged marriage? What of the many weddings that take place in the numerous chapels across Nevada, in the middle of the night, between two people that just met, with one or both so drunk they won't remember what they did in the morning? And, if as 'they' say, Domestic Partnership is exactly the same as marriage, then the fight is really about the name, not the institution itself! However, the mere fact that it has a different name, THAT makes it different!This is the first time, that I can think of, where a constitutional amendment has actually sought to take away rights, rather than protect them."


Tanya said...

You go girl! My friend asked me to listed to a sermon his church did and although they still were agains gay marriage they did a great sermon. They took the focus away from sin and put it more towards "it wasn't God's plan" (per the Bible) and I loved the fact that he said "you think they (gays) are going to ruin marriage, um if you haven't been paying attention, we've alrady done that" THAT was great!

Sonya said...

Our lovely state already has passed this hateful language.

Initiative 416 Timeline of Events

I've been thinking of what you all must be going through. It was a hard time here when we went through it. People take sides and start spewing hurtful things. It was hard to see yard signs - in our neighborhood - for people supporting the amendment