Thumbs UP!

For those of you who are out of state, out of the country (or maybe out of touch? ;-)), CA Prop. 8 is on the November ballot to specifically eliminate the rights of gays and lesbians to marry. That is to rewrite the CA constitution to ELIMINATE a right of a specific group of people. Obviously we are totally against it (even Laura's mother is AGAINST it and voted "NO" on this).

Heck, even the Episcopalians are against it, as stated here:

"We believe that continued access to civil marriage for all, regardless of sexual orientation, is consistent with the best principles of our constitutional rights," Bruno said at the press conference, according to the Times. He added: "We do not believe that marriage of heterosexuals is threatened by same-sex marriage."

And frankly, I think that last sentence is key. Nobody can say just how the marriage of gays and lesbians is threatening to heterosexual marriage. NOBODY. Because it doesn't, it can't - and like I've said before, it my marriage is threatening to someone else's marriage then that marriage is NOT solid. And just so you know, my marriage is ROCK-SOLID.

What was I getting at? Oh yeah, so in taking our stance against this discrimination, Laura and I both have messages on our rear windshields in opposition of Prop. 8. And I can't tell you how many times we got the "Thumbs UP" or the "I agree" (yelled at from the next car over on the freeway), or even the car honk and nod. So, if by some depressing chance Prop. 8 is voted in, it won't change a thing for us. We're still married and will remain so. I think we've come a long way, this wouldn't have even been brought to the polls just 15 years ago. And if it is voted in, then I firmly believe it will be defeated at another point in time. Either that or the thought that ALL marriages as we now know them should be eliminated in favor of civil unions for all (yes my friends, that is on the drawing board).

And just this morning I received 2 thumbs up and one "You've got MY vote" (from the car to my right at the red light) - and that's what matters. All in a 5 minute span.

Peace out.


Tanya said...

Let's keep our fingers crossed. There's a vehicle that I've been behind a few times with a "Vote Yes" sticker and to the other side, her business ad. I almost want to send her an email, seriously does she not realize she could be loosing business.

Anita said...

Interesting. I don't really think those religious whackos are really concerned about the status of their own marriages. I think they are just being bulls****ed and bullied by their churches. I have one friend who actually admitted "I don't want to vote against my friends, but I don't want to vote against my church, either". Crapola.

As for civil unions for all, hell, I'm in favor of that! I think that the concept of the word "marriage" is an old fashioned, between you and whatever religious institution you belong to, thing. Civil unions, domestic partnerships, whatever you want to call it, would be something no one could argue with for anyone, I'd think. I'd be willing to give up my "marriage" with my husband for a civil union, if it meant you and Laura could also have the same protections.

For me, it's not about equal rights, religion, or whatever. It's about the simple concept of "equal PROTECTION under the law".