Why can’t I just get a job selling mattresses?

So here I am, totally exhausted on Tuesday nights after working a full day at my job and then taking my evening class (for my School Social Work Credential). This past Tuesday, I was driving home after the class at about 9:50pm with a monster headache that started at 1pm that day after a 2.5 hour Union Meeting.

Off the side of the freeway there is a mattress store. As I’m driving home, one hand on the wheel, one hand on my head, I think to myself, “Self, what are you doing?” Is it all worth it? The FT job, the class at night, missing my kids, etc.

I pass by the mattress store and think, how hard could that job be? I mean really, nobody’s life is at stake, angry parents aren’t clogging up your voice-mail with their messages that they need you to call them back AT THAT INSTANT, co-workers who haven’t got a clue wouldn’t be bugging you for information, supervisors wouldn’t have much to complain about, you’d do your job and then go home – ON-TIME --- so then it hit me. Why can’t I just have a job like that??? Huh?? Is that asking too much?

Okay, seriously, then about 2 miles down the freeway I come to my senses. NO, I didn’t go to graduate school and get my Master’s Degree in Social Work to sell mattresses. I haven’t worked my butt off for the past 12+ years in the public sector to sell you a mattress making a fifth of what I make now (plus excellent benefits). I know I’m a capable social worker, and hopefully after this class is done (this December) I’ll have a credential that will open more doors for me – and hopefully will lead to even bigger and better things. That will give me more options to teach my children that yeah, if you work hard, you can make it too.

So, if you DO sell mattresses and you’re reading this – I salute you. Your job sounds like a fine way to spend the day, and maybe you do deal with lots of crap and “tired” (no pun intended) customers, but after considering it, I think I’ll stick with my current job – at least for now…


Because I needed to know...

It's fun working for the county. We get answers to all kinds of things that people ask.

Check this out:

6) Is it true that California is going to fall into the Pacific Ocean?

No. The portion of California west of the San Andreas Fault is firmly attached to the Pacific Plate and the portion east is firmly attached to the North American Plate. San Diego is moving north towards Los Angeles at the rate of about 2 inches per year and is in no danger of falling into the ocean. The Los Angeles City Hall is 10 feet closer to San Francisco than when it was built in 1924. In about 500,000 years San Diego could be an island off the coast of San Francisco.

***You know you wanted to know but were afraid to ask.
****It's a good thing we're looking to buy property here in San Diego, I've always wanted a beach-front home.
*****Keep reading, more fun posts below!

Coming up next...

...why can't I work selling mattresses?

...why CAN'T the kids come with a parenting manual?

...I've had a headache now for 3 days, why?

...Also, my allergies (or whatever you want to call it) has kicked into high-gear, why?

Stay tuned! Fun times ahead!!!


My 3 boys (and Seth the toothless wonder)

I couldn't resist posting this picture. I never realized how hard it would be to get 3 boys to all smile on cue. I think Logan was looking at my wildly waving hand vs. the camera, but it's still cute. At least I think so... ;-)


Lost a tooth, and not who you would think!

No, not Foster. He doesn't even have ONE loose tooth - perhaps because he was a toothless yearling (we felt his first tooth starting to pop in just a day after his first birthday). He started getting teeth late so I assume he'll start to loose them late.

Anyway, Sunday night as we were getting the kids ready for a shower, Seth lets out a piercing scream. He said Logan hit him with his head like this (he shows me). It was completely an accident - the kids were jumping all over the couch and each other. I cautiously peer into his mouth and there is lots of blood. We put ice on it. I keep thinking - I sure hope he didn't knock a tooth loose. I look again. The bleeding is slowing down and I gently touch the top front tooth that looks, well, a little different now. Sure enough, it moved when I touched it. My stomach dropped into the floor. This is the kid that doesn't eat enough as it is! I thought at that moment that this will make his eating worse! AND, this isn't the first tooth gone. At about a 18 mos. or so, he had an "extra" tooth removed, one that was growing in between those top two teeth.

Damn. We called the doctor and dentist Sunday night and made an appt. for first thing Monday morning. We went to the dentist and sure enough, the root was snapped in half and the tooth had to be removed. My poor baby! Laura stayed with him this time (I did the first tooth removal at 18 mos.), I couldn't do it.

They gave him Valium, nitrous oxide and Novocaine. They said he'd probably conk out the minute he got in the car to go home. Obviously they don't know my Seth. He feel asleep about half a mile from the house, for about 2 minutes. He pretty much cried all the way home. We gave him some Motrin and about 20 minutes later you wouldn't have known anything was wrong. The boy who doesn't eat, suddenly inhaled two scrambled eggs with cheese, two pieces of very soft toast and then another hard-boiled egg. Then after 3 episodes of "Caillou", I couldn't take it anymore and asked him if he wanted to go to the store (99 cent store) to pick out a toy (not counting the three goodie bags the dentist gave him) just to get out of the house. He eagerly agreed.

My mother and I drove for a while to the 99-cent store where he proceeded to demand to walk thru the store and NOT sit in his stroller. Okaaaaaaaaay. He was cleaning up the aisles as we walked around. He picked out a toy calculator and two dinosaurs that were "just the bones". He did sit in his stroller when we went into another store and then was wide awake all the way home.

He did tell Logan that he wasn't mad at him. Whew! I'm sure there will be more bumps, bruises, and broken body parts but man, I wasn't planning on this yesterday.

Now, we will probably get him a partial because it will be another good 3 years before his permanent tooth comes in and I bet he'd want that front tooth there for school. But honestly, he sure is cute with that missing tooth and it just makes him look so much older than his 3 years.


Our two minutes of "fame"...

Recently, we (mostly me) were interviewed by a student journalist taking part in the National Lesbian and Gay Journalists Association Convention which was here in San Diego. "Our" journalist focused on being Lesbian and Jewish. Here is our family's showcase presentation!!!

While all the stories are quite interesting (there's only about 8 minutes of footage total), if you want to jump to "our" family we are the last story (HEY, save the best for last right?) at about the 6:01 minute mark.



Oh sure, nothing going on here...

Why oh why can't I find any time to post?

Let's see...

Changed jobs.

Started "new" old job - again.

Started new graduate school class on Tuesday nights for two hours and 40 long minutes (to get my credential to apply to be a school social worker - just need that one class).

All 3 kids started swim lessons - if you were at the "Y" last weekend, nope, that wasn't me with the 3 screaming kids (a cute blonde 6 year old and adorable 3 year old twins) that I seriously thought should be sold to the highest bidder - nope, that wasn't me, really, nope.

Oldest started first grade - let's just say it didn't go as well as I had hoped but things are looking better and now they are afraid of us 'cause we are "THOSE" parents (more another time).

House is on the market and every day we have to make sure it's "Ready to Sell".

Looking, looking, looking for a new place to call home.

Oldest also re-started Hebrew School on Sundays.

Big 'ole garage sale happing at our place this Saturday and holy sh*t we have lots to get rid of (and that means getting it all out of storage and priced and out the door by 7am Saturday morning).

I get to take those adorably, cute 3 kids to swim class again ALONE (okay so my mother is coming with me, but it ain't the same w/o Laura) this Saturday because said garage sale is happening at about the same time - help!

Did I mention our house is on the market and we're looking for another?

So, nope, nothing at all going on here - nada.

If you're looking for an e-mail from me, it's coming, don't worry...I still have yours in my "Mail to Answer" inbox.

I feel ill...


The pictures don't lie...

Top picture is of Foster's first day of first grade. Happy guy eh?
Bottom picture is of Foster's first day of Kindergarten last year.

Methinks he doesn't appreciate photos on the first day.

More later!


Yeah, well, so, it WAS my last day

Whew! But working for the county - they (read: CPS) can still find me - that's what they do best eh?

I started my new, old job today. Same old, same old. Same office, same desk, heck, even some of my same files were still there!

Got me a brand, spankin' new 'puter though - so that helps.

Oh well, gotta remember that I do have a method to my madness. Class every Tuesday nite 'til December. Then I'll be on the look-out. Good thing is that I don't "HAVE TO" find another job right away, I'll be looking while working.

But yeah, you know, administration is the same B.S. no matter where you go. There will always be "those people" who seem to exist to make your life difficult. Altho, I do have to admit, I did receive a very nice welcome from all my old co-workers and my supervisor. That was nice.

Other news placeholder:

***a journalist from ABC news interviewed us last night in our home (in regards to being an LGBT family and me being Jewish) - link will be posted soon if it's not 'too' embarrasing.

***Laura will start her new job/promotion as a program manager (supervisor) - it's a good thing.

***Foster turns 6 on Sunday. That means 6 years ago tomorrow, I went into labor - how did my baby boy become a first grader.

***Speaking of which, Foster starts first grade on Tuesday but we have NO idea who his teacher will be, what classroom he'll be in, etc. because the school will have it ready - on Tuesday, the first day of school. Ummmm, yeah, that makes perfect sense. Okay - we did receive a recorded msg. at home "welcoming us back to school" - oh how personal is that? (smirk).