SUPERNANNY - where art thou?

Has anyone realized that the application for the Supernanny show is 12 pages long??

Now, this is NOT to infer that there are any problems here in this household with my angel children.

Nope, not at all...

Gotta get writing.

We walked for the babies...

...and we raised $635.00. Yesterday, Laura and I and Foster, Logan and Seth all took part in the annual March of Dimes WalkAmerica. We did a 4-mile walk in beautiful Balboa Park
(http://www.balboapark.org/) and had a great time! Well, the kids strolled (read: sat in comfort in their strollers) and we walked. Today my legs are a bit sore but the money we raised (by the way, which was the most in my office :-)) is all for a good cause. Thanks for supporting us!



I'm taking Foster (my oldest son - he's 4.5 years old) to see The Wiggles (http://www.thewiggles.com.au/) in concert tomorrow evening.

I already have a headache...

Should I stay or Should I Go Now?

Sounds like a catchy tune for a song eh? Okay – so at today’s staff meeting (gotta love ‘em) at work I received my 5-Year Award. Yup, I’ve been at the same job (social worker for the County) for 5 years now – I finally got my paperweight. Yes, you read that right – but not just any paperweight, a marble one with a brass medallion (insert sarcastic grin here). One that I proceeded to drop upon leaving the meeting which landed on someone’s foot (that thing is heavy) and it didn’t even break, not a single crack – the paperweight, not the foot. Aren’t you envious now? I also received a “Service Award” signed (in ink) by the “Group Human Resources Director” – too bad I can’t make out the name to know who it is. But really, the best part was that now I finally start to accrue vacation and sick leave at a faster rate and I’m 100% fully vested. Whew!
So, should I stay or should I go now? I’m currently topped out (read: my salary is at the highest it can go) in my current position. There are no more promotions at my current agency but I do get yearly bonuses and such. BUT, I know my job well and can do it with the proverbial blindfold on. Nobody bothers me, in fact, nobody else knows what I do – or how I do my job. Probably because I’m the only social worker in a sea of Public Health Nurses and other assorted folk. They all leave me alone, nobody checks up on me, nobody tells me what to do (usually) – I just work my “magic” and everyone is happy. Most days that’s enough for me, what with my stressful and hectic home life. I don’t need additional stress on the job. BUT, I’m always open to other opportunities – my dream job – working in adoptions is out there somewhere. So I’ll wait. Actually, probably, the only position next would be a supervisor position and I’m not sure I’m up for that stress.
Oh well, ‘til then, I’m happy to be gainfully employed, pulling in a good salary (for now) and benefits – hey, where else can you work and get your birthday off as a paid holiday (not to mention Cesar Chavez Day and County Admissions Day off too)?
Yup, life is good.

Why Now?

Why not? Well, I do have a reason or reasons. I’m currently on a “Life-Improvement Program.” You know the one – the kind you make every January 1st? I’m feeling that this is the time and if I put it out there in Blog-Land I’ll have myself to answer to – and that can be scary. So, the usual stuff, eat healthier (ice-cream counts right?), exercise (including jumping to conclusions) and all that psychological well-being crap I dole out to everyone else (I’m a social worker by profession) – gotta take my own suggestions and put them to good use. So that’s why!

ONE Year!

Yup, that’s how long I’ve had this Blog template but did absolutely nothing with it. I love checking out other people’s Blogs and have tossed around the idea of starting my own, sort of as a “Brain-Dumping Area” but I haven’t – ‘til now. So be afraid, be VERY afraid. I’m here…