"Vegetarians make up 4 percent of the U.S. population".

((yummy, vegetarians, wonder if they taste like chicken?))


Where's my damn bailout???

Huh? Where is it? Uggggg, I'm so disgusted by people who think that the government should bail them out just because they made really bad financial decisions.

This all came to a head recently when Laura told me about someone at work who was just thrilled to announce they were able to declare bankruptcy. Their slate will be swept clean and they get to keep their house, no debt, etc. NOW, don't get me wrong, these are not people who suddenly found themselves jobless or having severe medical problems...NOOOOOOOOO...this is a couple who both partners are working (making good incomes actually) but were fiscally irresponsible, they bought a house that they couldn't afford, ran up their credit cards, took out a second mortgage and then decided they'd rather NOT pay their bills and start again. So, they declare bankruptcy and gleefully go on their way. In fact, after declaring such bankruptcy what do they do? Do they shamefully admit their foolish spending ways and commit to relearning how to live within their means?????????? Oh hell no, they go on a Target spending spree.


No, this is not meant for the people who lost jobs due to the economy or have huge unexpected medical bills, I believe help should be available to them...it's the ones who bought the big-ass screen tv's, the cars, went on vacations, went to Target and bought something from every aisle...it's those people who I have ZERO sympathy for. Cut up your credit cards, don't buy fast food, pay your bills and - get HELP.

Laura and I have always, ALWAYS been fiscally responsible. We're looking for a new bigger house now just for that reason....we can. We are responsible and will not buy beyond our means. We don't spend money on lavish items...our cruise this year is our first "real" vacation in close to 7 years (last vacation with Foster was to Oregon for a week using our timeshare) and without kids, over 10 years. It's my big "4-0" this year and our 10th anniversary. We deserve it.

Just had to get that out of my mind...it just pisses me off to NO end.



Weekend Fun

We did lots and LOTS this weekend, even though Laura is pretty run down with a nasty cough (thanks Foster - he has a croupy-cough)...and I really hope NOT to get it.

Friday was super-busy at work and when I finally got home, I was wiped...anyway, Saturday we looked at the calendar and lo and behold - this never happens - but there was not ONE thing on it that we had to do. So the kids were pretty well-behaved and entertained themselves for quite a long time. Long enough for Laura and I to bag up 5 huge, black, trash bags full of *crap*. We wanted/needed to do this since our house will soon be back on the market. We got rid of soooo much stuff, mainly kids books and toys...it felt really good to purge all that out. I also stripped all the beds and washed everything - including all the clothes. Yay!

On Sunday, the cleaning and "getting rid of" continued. But first, Foster went to Hebrew School and Laura (still not feeling so well) took Logan and Seth to Target while Foster was in school. We did our usual damage there and then picked up Foster and guess what? Went BACK to Target for lunch. Actually it was pretty good...so much cheaper and better for us than fast food. We did this because after lunch time we were meeting Foster's Hebrew School class at a Jewish HealthCare Center to help hand out Purim baskets.

After we got home, major "quiet time" was in order. On their beds, tv okay, but quiet. I napped for an hour and a half, Laura napped as well. After waking up, some more "purging" and then outside time for the boys while Laura made dinner. After dinner and kids to bed - we cleaned out our bookshelf. Wow, it looks great.

Now, my next task, I promised I would clean out this computer area. It's in the dining room so it needs to be neater. That's next on my "To Do" list...but not today....this time change is killing me. Tomorrow...I promise!


We're hoping for a great result...

Wednesday, March 4 is the day before the California Supreme Court hears oral arguments on the validity of Prop 8. That evening, we’ll stand together and send a unified message to our fellow Californians, including the Supreme Court Justices, that individual liberties like the right to marry are guaranteed by the Constitution to everyone and cannot be stripped away at the ballot box by a bare majority. Just as important, we will give our love and support to all the families headed by same-sex couples who are threatened by the recent electoral outcome, as well as same-sex couples whose hopes and dreams of marriage and family have been frustrated by enactment of Prop 8.

To read the parties' filings and the dozens of amicus 'friend of the court' briefs filed on behalf of Civil Rights Organizations, Bar Associations, Academics, Women's Groups, Faith and Religious Groups, and many others go to http://www.courtinfo.ca.gov/courts/supreme/highprofile/prop8.htm

March 5th - Supreme Court Oral Argument Hearing 9am to noon.
Television viewing: http://www.courtinfo.ca.gov/courts/supreme/highprofile/prop8viewing.htm

Local Public Viewings: Check your local city for viewing locations as they become available.
Equality should not be put up for a popular vote.
• Prop 8 is a radical and unprecedented change to the California Constitution that puts all Californians at risk.
• Prop 8 defeats the very purpose of our constitution, which is to protect minorities and to make sure the law treats everyone equally.
• This is the first time the initiative process has successfully been used to change the California Constitution to take away a fundamental freedom from a particular group and to mandate government discrimination against a minority.
• If prop 8 is upheld, the courts will no longer have a meaningful role in protecting minority groups or women, since any decision prohibiting discrimination could be reversed by a simple majority.



From Anita:

Is there a GPS (gopher protective services)?

Here's your (not so) totally useless fact of the day:

Mother prairie dogs will nurse their young only while underground in the safety of the burrow. If an infant tries to suckle above ground, the mother will slap it.



This kid loves his "babies". Here he is explaining the virtues of taking care of his babies to Mommy Laura - this seemed to be a weekend where he was constantly playing with them - his new favorite activity is pretending to give them all a bath. I played "babies" with him for about an hour yesterday...we fed them, bathed them, cut their nails, put on their pj's, took them for a walk in the stroller (well all 4 or 5 babies in one stroller) and put them all to bed.

My sweet boy...he's gonna make such a great dad one day.