THE BIRDS!!! and Summertime Picnic in the Backyard

Mama Bird - anyone have ANY idea what kind of bird this is? This is the 4th year in a row, she has selected our carport for her nest (and it's taken me FOUR years to snap a photo of her).

Babies - I counted at least 5

Picnic in the backyard (this is the "adult" table)

And this would be the "Kids Table" heeheehee...


On the house front...

We had our new house inspection today and (knock on wood) all went well. Now, on to the termite inspection.

Here's a sneak-peek at our (hopefully) soon-to-be-new-home.


Do I have a problem???

The scene in our kitchen the other day....I admit....they're all mine...


Two Thumbs Up!

I give Progressive Auto Insurance two thumbs up for their awesome ad.

Guess they really do live up to their name.

Click below for a larger copy.


Last Day...

It's officially Sunday - so that means this is my very, VERY last day of me being able to say "I'm in my 30's". Come Monday, I will have hit the big one...okay, "my" big one - for now...

I'm taking the day off...don't wanna work on my birthday...but watch...work will probably still call and page me all day long...just as they did this past Friday (Good Friday) when I had that off as a holiday...oh well...can't complain.

Surprise Birthday Party pic's coming soon...I'm just too lazy to do it right now and my bed is calling me...night all.


Happy Passover!!!

Here are some pictures of our seder meal tonite. I will soon be posting the pictures from my surprise early birthday Laura threw for me (I turn the big one on Monday).

Anyway, on to the pictures!

Mommy Laura reading the Passover story

Seth and our Passover Haggadah

Reading for Passover (Haggadahs)

Foster opening the door for the Prophet Elijah


Combat the H8 - I liked this saying and just wanted to remember it

"Using religion, kids or family to disguise your own hatred and bigotry is like adding sugar to rat poison. It may make it more palatable but no less harmful."


Offers, counter-offers and bids

We placed a counter-offer on our place (that they accepted) and today we placed a bid on a house that would be just perfect. I'm not giving out details here (address, MLS #), you know, don't want to jinx it...but the new house is just about move-in ready. No, it IS move-in ready, things like new flooring and some kitchen refacing can wait...so if we're lucky enough to get it...I can live with those things that we can work on in time - even though I know we'll be itching to make changes.

The best features are the walk-in closets both in the master bedrooms and the kid's rooms! One full bath and bedroom on the first floor...living room, family room, dining room and kitchen. Oh yes, and the pool...ahhhhhh...our pool. Also, the back gate in the backyard behind the pool goes up a slope that actually has some (what looks like) hiking trails behind it...that would be left up to the kids to explore.

Fingers crossed...I hate this part.


Bring on the stress....

Our house is up for sale, we've had over 15 visits in 3 days and 2 offers. We're reviewing the offers and meeting again tomorrow.

We're speeding up our search for our new home...I can't wait to swim in my very own pool and soak in my spa ASAP...

More details to come...