And I should care because??????

I love it when I hear things like "Did you know that Lindsay Lohan is GAY???" or "Ellen DeGeneres is getting married - to a WOMAN!", etc.

All I can reply with is "Wow, the war is over?"

You know, priorities and all that.

Makes ya think eh?

Ack, can't Bush just be gone??


Why I feel better now about going to McDonald's

As you may or may not know, recently McDonald's has stated that they are in support of ALL people, yes, including Gay and Lesbian families.

Of course there are those close-minded individuals who will "boycott" McD's or send insulting e-mails but interestingly enough I recently heard a comment on the news. It said something like when a company takes a stand to support the Gay and Lesbian community, their profits and business soar. When companies take a stand against the Gay and Lesbian community just the opposite happens. And all the boycotting in the world will have little to no effect. Just goes to show you the power of our community.

Anyway, I sent a "Thank You" e-mail to corporate headquarters and this was my reply:

Hello Ivy:
Thank you for contacting McDonald's. We appreciate this opportunity to share information regarding our commitment to our employees as well as the communities that we serve.

First, it's important to note that McDonald's respects and values people. Diversity and inclusion are business imperatives and integral components of McDonald's culture. We believe that by embracing our differences we are better enabled to value and respect other people as well as understand differing points of view.

We have a long and proud history of leadership in these areas. We continually strive to maintain an environment in which everyone feels valued and accepted. We encourage employees to recognize and appreciate the contributions that all diverse groups and individuals bring to the McDonald's system.

Thank you for sharing your personal point of view on this topic with us.

AngelaMcDonald's Customer Response Centerref#:5295534

And why shouldn't McD's offer support. A "family" restaurant that actually supports families - what a concept.

Thank you McDonald's

Rockin and a Rollin

I was sitting here at the computer finishing up some stuff and I felt it.

That familiar rolling feeling.

Magnitude 5.8 a few hours north of here. 5.8 is a fairly good shake. However all I felt was a rolling sensation which lasted about 2 seconds. Then I heard the birds outside squawking away. Turned on the TV and sure enough they were already reporting on it.

Hopefully this was the actual earthquake and not a foreshock, but I'm thinking not since there have been about 5 aftershocks (none that I felt) within the past 10 minutes.

This is why we live in Southern CA!!!


Oh Say Can You (not) See........


Logan needs glasses. BIG TIME.

The poor kid was at the eye dr. for over 2.5 hours. His vision is so bad, he'll need eye-patching too. Oy.

Over the last few months we noticed one of his eyes turning in, not to mention the fact that he always has to sit 4" from the tv. He also can't see it when I hold up a cereal box from the kitchen when he's seated in the dining room - about 15 feet away. He was able to see the box at about 3 feet.

I feel bad that we didn't pick this up a while ago, but it was only fairly recently that he was able to verbalize how bad he couldn't see.

So, I picked out really cute glasses at our Children's Hospital (where he saw the eye dr.) and I must say, he looks so cute in them. I just hope he wears them without too much difficulty.

Of course I'll post pictures as soon as the glasses are ready (in about 2 weeks - the Rx is so strong they have to send it out to be specially made).


I know I'm getting old now...

...my doctor just referred me for my first baseline mammogram.

Fun times ahead...


Our 15(+) minutes of fame...

And now...the long awaited music video "I've Got U" or "I've Got You" by Melange Lavonne - we saw the premiere tonight. As one of the families in the video, we received a goodie bag (think the Red Carpet - Oscars?? Just kidding) with copies of the video, the cd, and various other movies and such.

It's late and I just wanted to get it on here. More explanation at a later time, but the best shots of 'us' are Laura and Foster in the 3-legged race, Logan in orange shirt and red helmet riding his bike, me eating (great shot), Seth is the quick shot of him drinking a bottle of water, us sitting on a bench and me taking a picture...and others.

The best part was at the end when they list all the families involved - you can see us there - and laughing when Logan "jumped away".

Oh, and at the premiere tonight the producer/director was there and said "there's more involvement to come!" WHOHOO!!

And we are listed in the credits as well (and my mom who was there too and in one of the shots).



So much fun yesterday...

I volunteered to go on a field trip with Foster's class. And for those of you not playing along, yes, he's in year-round school so his last day is not until July 21st.

Anyway, I'm so glad I showed up because sadly, the other 3 parents who volunteered did not. Yup, I was the only parent along with the teacher. Now some of this may be the teacher's fault. Again, for those of you not playing along, this has been quite a tumultuous year for this first grade class. The teacher was absent for almost half the year (her husband was very sick and passed away) and well, she hasn't quite been the same since. As a result, permission slips just came home last Friday (for the trip on Tuesday) and while that's enough time for me to decide to go on the trip, one days notice for other parents that may need to make special arrangements may not be enough time. And, per my usual protocol, I had to send a note to the teacher to call me to give me directions. All of this has made Foster's first grade year a tough one - we haven't yet decided 100% what we're planning on for him for next year (promote him, hold him back, ???). But that's a whole 'nother post.

Anyway, the field trip was so much fun. We went to the Reuben H. Fleet Science Center and saw an IMAX film and then explored the rest of the Science Center. We had lunch outside at the park and the kids got a chance to play. I love having the chance to watch my kid interact with the other kids. And I must admit, he wanted to hold my hand most of the day (and of course, sit next to me in the movie). Yeah, he isn't yet at the age where having me along is embarrassing!!

Then, to make the day even better, I "stole" him away from school when they got back (vs. sending him to his 'before and after school program') and we went home and went swimming. Foster was over-the-moon excited to have personal time with me and to go swimming was just the icing. He was so happy to be able to go to the pool by himself. And I was happy to indulge him. It isn't often that he gets dedicated one-on-one time, especially in a family with 3 kids.

Fun day yesterday indeed.


Logan's rendition of the Chuck E. Cheeses song

Logan looks like he is in the cheer leading squad tryouts for Chuck E. Cheeses.
It's obvious that he really, REALLY loves that place...


Twins are turning four...

We celebrated today at every adults favorite party place (said tongue-in-cheek), Chuck E. Cheese's.

You can view all the party pictures HERE - don't worry, there aren't too many ;-)

And there you can view the long-awaited gift from Laura and I to Logan and Seth - they LOVED, LOVED, LOVED it (and Foster admitted later on that, well, it is kinda neat and can he play with them too?) - I just love seeing the nurturing side of my boys really shine!



DING, DING, DING - We have a winner!!

Tanya - how did you guess it???

YES, it's a gross, icky, sticky eyeball ball.

Foster got it at school and it's obvious how much he loves it - that thing is gross. They all have been having a great time tossing it into the air and making it stick on the ceiling.




Let's play - "Guess What It Is"??

This currently resides on my ceiling - guess what it is?

Hint, I have THREE boys...

Bragging rights for the first person with the right answer!


R.S.V.P. - how hard is it??

Logan and Seth are turning 4 on the 15th (I know, how did that happen?) and their party is this Saturday at Chuck E. Cheese (pass the asprin).

As such, we sent out invites a while ago.

We had in total, maybe 16+ kids invited. How many RSVP's did we get before I had to ask? TWO. I mean c'mon people, how hard is it to send an e-mail to RSVP? I need a head-count BEFORE the event. I know you're all busy but really, so are we. I know I may sound pissy but it annoys me. I always RSVP ASAP (don't you love that double acronym??).

The majority of the kids invited are the ones from their daycare. I had to re-contact each one to ask - again - if their child was able to come. I'm going to start to take this personally soon. And then when I ask I get "I hope so" and "I'll let you know". Ugggggg. I need to know this time around because we have to give a fairly accurate count before the event - I wouldn't care as much if we were just having it at home or a park or someplace but this is paid PER kid.

Oh well, I have to just let it go - I have a good idea now who is coming and will call in that number and hope they all show up (or we'll be paying for the ones who don't). I sure hope that we get a better response for our wedding invites (more on that another time).

And what's the deal with Thank You notes - I can't tell you how many kid b-day parties we've been to where we never rec'd a thank you note (or an e-mail, or a call...). Laura says that it seems like saying "Thank You" at the party is good enough - neither of us agree. Oh well that's enough ranting now.


Happy Anniversary and Happy 4th of July

9 years (and 3 kids later) - we did it!

Happy Anniversary Laura!

Can't wait to make it legal..............

Here's to 90 more (imagine virtual clinking of glasses).

OH, and at least we gave each other cards because we didn't receive any from anyone else, sad eh?...


It only took me three days to do...

...I finally cleared out and straightened up Foster's closet. His closet (which is HUGE) is also the spot where all the extra "stuff" is stored so lately it's become a messy place. When we won the 4 baskets (see below a few posts) and two of them were "art stuff" I knew I'd be the one finding places for all the new stuff.

Top of closet where all the yet to be opened goodies are stored...

Art supplies and games...

School workbooks for summer break and coloring books for the "younger set".

Art supplies and tons of sidewalk chalk...

Games and school flash cards

The floor of the closet...

We don't need ONE more art supply, piece of chalk, game or glue stick. We are SET.


Radio Station Winnings - Finally...

I won this "Burts Bees" gift pack on a local radio station. It didn't cost me anything, just the gas to get there (just a few miles away).........


San Diego County Fair

We went to the Fair this past weekend and it was perfect!

We had so much fun.

Click on the link below to view our pictures of the Fair.

The pictures of the "Wiggle Racers" are the two cars we bought for Logan and Seth as part of their birthday present (turning 4 on July 15th). Their other big gift is a dollhouse - well, it's the Fisher Price Twin Time one...they both love pretend play and wanted a "house" to play with. They will LOVE it!