Is it wrong to LOVE your vacuum?

I must say that since we bought THIS at Target, I actually LOVE to vacuum.

I've always wanted a Dyson but couldn't get past the price. However, we used some wedding money and we bought it during a week that Target was giving a $100 gift card with it. AND, Target was donating some money from each vacuum sold to "The Breast Cancer Research Foundation".

I really LOVE this vacuum - although I'm highly disgusted by what this picks up vs. my old vacuum (that one went by the way of Craigslist).

Consider this my PSA for Dyson.


Anita said...

Proposition V is simple and straightforward. It contains the same 14 words that were previously approved in 2000 by over 61% of California voters: “Only appliance-hood between a vacuum and another household appliance is valid or recognized in California.”
Because four activist judges in San Francisco wrongly overturned the people’s vote, we need to pass this measure as a constitutional amendment to RESTORE THE DEFINITION OF APPLIANCE-HOOD as a vacuum and another household appliance.
Proposition V is about preserving traditional appliance-hood; it’s not an attack on the Ivy in love with her Dyson appliance lifestyle. Proposition V doesn’t take away any rights or benefits of human and appliance domestic partnerships. Under California law, “all properly tuned appliances shall have the same rights, protections, and benefits” as older model appliances. There are NO exceptions. Proposition V WILL NOT change this.
YES on Proposition V does three simple things:
It restores the definition of appliance-hood to what the vast majority of household appliance users already approved and human history has understood appliance-hood to be.
It overturns the outrageous decision of four activist Supreme Court judges who ignored the appliance usage of the people.
It protects small appliances from being taught in manufacturing plants that “Ivy and her Dyson love affair” is the same as traditional appliance-hood.
Proposition V protects appliance-hood as an essential institution of society. While breakdown, electrical outages, or other circumstances may prevent the ideal, the best situation for a small appliance is to be raised by two appliances, and not by Ivy and her Dyson.
The narrow decision of the California Supreme Court isn’t just about “live and let live.” State law may require teachers to instruct even the smallest about appliance-hood. If the Ivy and her Dyson appliance-hood ruling is not overturned, TEACHERS COULD BE REQUIRED to teach small appliances there is no difference between Ivy and her Dyson and traditional appliance-hood.
We should not accept a court decision that may result in public schools teaching our small appliances that Ivy and her Dyson appliance-hood is okay. That is an issue for large appliance to discuss with their small ones according to their own values and beliefs. It shouldn’t be forced on us against our will.
Some will try to tell you that Proposition V takes away legal rights of Ivy and her Dyson domestic partnerships. That is false. Proposition V DOES NOT take away any of those rights and does not interfere with Ivy and her Dyson cleaning in the manner they choose.
However, while Ivy and her Dyson have the right to their private lives, they do not have the right to redefine appliance-hood for everyone else.
CALIFORNIANS HAVE NEVER VOTED FOR IVY AND HER DYSON APPLIANCE-HOOD. If Ivy and her Dyson activists want to legalize person-Dyson appliance-hood, they should put it on the ballot. Instead, they have gone behind the backs of voters and convinced four activist judges in San Francisco to redefine appliance-hood for the rest of society. That is the wrong approach.
Voting YES on Proposition V RESTORES the definition of appliance-hood that was approved by over 61% of voters. Voting YES overturns the decision of four activist judges. Voting YES protects our small appliances.
Please vote YES on Proposition V to RESTORE the meaning of appliance-hood.

Anita said...

NOW how ridiculous does their argument sound?

No on 8!!!!!

Love, Anita

momtothreeboys said...

Anita!! You are too funny - now how long did it take you to come up with that?
Thanks for the great response!

Sonya said...

Dyson's are AWESOME!!! Yes, spendy. Yes, hard to justify dropping that much $$ on a stupid vacuum. But damn, it is so worth it!

Isn't it disgusting all the stuff that it picks up. I can personally live without seeing it. But man - I could go MONTHS without emptying the bag on our old vacuum. Now we have to empty it each time we vacuum. Crazy!