This was way more fun than going to the dentist...

Foster's school had a "Multi-Cultural Fair" this afternoon/evening. We took all the kids and had a great time.

We visited the book sale (spent too much); watched adorable kids sing and dance; the kids ate hot-dogs; AND we bid on several baskets at the Silent Auction. We reasoned that it was a fundraiser, so for about $150.00 we won 4 baskets. Not surprisingly, Laura bid on (and won) the "Italian Dinner Basket" (which we didn't realize it at the time but it included a $20 gift certificate to Panera (yum)) - and the "Beach Fun Basket". I bid on and won the two 'art' baskets, the "Be An Artist" and the "Summer Art and Activities" basket. I've included pictures of Foster and Seth (Logan was elsewhere in the house) and the baskets. I also scanned the descriptions of each basket so you can see what our goodies are!

Now I have to find places for everything and restrain myself from playing with the Magic Rocks and the Crayola Color Explosion Spinner!!!

Things you do NOT want to hear your dentist say...

1. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...
2. Necrotic...
3. Dead...
4. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...
5. Infected...
6. Extraction...
7. Gotta find that third canal...
8. Found it...but...

So - 3 hours later, I'm done. Turns out that I had an infected, necrotic (dead), third canal that was destroying the inside of my tooth. It was so bad that the tooth had already started to fill itself up with whatever it fills itself up with when totally infected. The dentist had to use a different machine (that they usually use only for deep cleanings) to "jackhammer" (dentist's word) and bore a hole thru the canal to get out the dead root.

Sounds like fun huh?

You envy me now right?

Well, the good news is that my mouth is still numb, so I don't (yet) feel anything.

The bad news is that the dentist said "This will hurt...later". But he did Rx me some antibiotics and pain meds so I should be fine for a while.

Only me...

And just in case you thought I wasn't doing anything...

...I have an 11:00 appointment with my dentist to start a root canal.

Don't get me started. My mouth has cost me thousands of dollars in the past few years. A few months ago I had a REPEAT root canal on a pre-molar. Yup, two root canals on the SAME tooth. That wasn't fun. Ever since then I have had continuous discomfort. Over this past weekend, the discomfort got kicked up a notch. I was convinced that root canal # 2 failed - again. I was convinced I had to have it extracted. In fact I was planning on that. I went back to the different oral surgeon who did the repeat root canal only to find out that the pain/discomfort is coming from the molar BEHIND it. Oh fun.

Well, I guess that's better than having a tooth extracted (ick), but another root canal will be started today. They are actually squeezing me in at 11, but my dentist (who is the BEST dentist ever!) is, well, how shall I put it --- a slow, careful professional. So when they tell me my appt. is at 11, I expect to not even be in the chair until 11:30 and then get the first shot by noon and then maybe see him at 12:30. At least I'm prepared.

I'm just glad I'll be getting some good pain relief.

Updates later!


Have I forgotten to mention...

...that I'm in between jobs right now?

I left my previous position with the County because the agency I worked for, well, lets put it this way --- the agency did not do a good enough job in supporting it's employees. There's lots more to the story but that's the biggest reason. Besides, after 7 years, it was time to move on. Honestly, I was bored, literally bored to tears. The position I entered was previously vacant for about a decade. I re-shaped it and brought it up to speed. Well, that was completed about 5 years ago. Ever since then I have been wanting to get out but didn't have the chance. But I did now, so I jumped, I leaped, I took a giant leap of faith that something better is out there for me.

I've applied a few places and I'm waiting to hear back. In the meantime, I just received my final "official" certificate for my clear teaching credential for a school social worker, so I've applied for a few of those positions. Currently, the twins still go to daycare and Foster is in school. This time alone affords me the time I need to look for a new job and to take care of all the things that need taking care of.

I've considered the possibility that right now, perhaps I should stay home with the kids. Hmmmmm. I've never done that (I've always worked, right up to either delivery (Foster)or mandatory bedrest (twins)). The idea intrigues me. I guess that would be something we'd have to decide on as a family - to see if that would work. But right now, I'm searching for a position that's a better fit, one that challenges me and utilizes all my abilities. I didn't have that before.


Now on to our regularly scheduled programming...


If it looks like a snake...look again...

Found this guy in our backyard today afer I watered. He's (I'm just assuming he's a he but I have no proof) been around for years and usually hangs out by the fence. This time he was bold and wandered up to the door. Out of the corner of my eye, I caught the head move...just kinda snake-like. It took a few seconds for me to see "the whole picture".

Lizard Friend.

P.S. keep reading below this entry for another one!

I'm Voting Republican (well, no not really)

Watch this and you'll see...


Cough, Cough, CROUP

I heard it last night, that awful barking sound (damn seals).

This time it's my oldest. The last time he had croup, about 2 years ago, it was pretty bad. I mean bad enough that when we took him to the dr., the nurse that came in first, went to get the dr. from another appt. to come in "STAT". Fingers crossed we don't have a re-run of that episode.

So, we're together today. Errands to run, oil changes to be had (mystery shopper deal), things to return...hopefully he's feeling better by the end of today. I hate to see him sick, especially since he rarely gets sick now - thanks to his early introduction to group daycare - he was exposed to just about everything and now his immune system is pretty strong...well, apparently except for croup.

So, one day off for first grade for him, at least it's not the end of school just yet --- see below for why...


Fair Food

Every year we go to The County Fair and this year is no different. We haven't selected a date yet but tickets will be purchased soon.

The following few items of "new food" are a must-taste this year, don't you think???

New Food:

Charlie's Chicken on the Concourse: Deep-fried White Castle sliders, deep-fried frog legs, rotisserie chicken, tabouleh, chicken & waffles, and deep-fried SPAM®

Midway Diner in Plaza de Mexico: Deep-fried Macaroni & Cheese on a Stick, Koolickle (a dill pickle marinated in Kool-Aid)

-------Spam is bad enough but deep-fried? And the deep-fried Mac & Cheese (ewww) and the "Koolickle"??? Who comes up with these things??? I remember when the deep-fried Twinkies were all the rage - it was pretty disgusting. But, the Fair is THE place to try all new foods, so some of this must be tasted...


To answer the questions...

I received a few questions about how the "Year Round Schedule" works.

Tanya asked:
"Do you think it's harder on the parents to have to find care wile out of school? I would think it would be easier to find care for 3mo rather then a month here and there. How does the off track work during the year? "

Fortunately for us, this really isn't an issue. Foster attends a "before and after school" program that is actually on the school grounds - kind of like a "6 to 6" program, but the one Foster attends is a private program. So, this means he gets dropped off there before school and they walk him to meet up with his class, and then after school lets out, they meet him there and walk him back to the program. At his program, he's offered a multitude of options including a homework club, a jewelry making club (he's in that one), a photography club (he's in that one too), dancing, outside play, movies, etc. Therefore, when the school is "off-track" (i.e. school isn't in session) and for the summer, the "before and after school" program is open all day. Unless it's a holiday, they are open. Therefore, we don't need to find care for him during his 6 week summer break, nor his month-long winter break, nor his month-long spring break.

However, I imagine other parents who for some reason do not have access to a program such as this must scramble every few months to find daytime care. Our local YMCA's and other various places offer some programming.

So there you have it, a simple primer on "Year Round Schooling 101".


Not the end of school yet...

Sure, your kid may be staring at the last day of school but not mine.

That's what happens when you attend a "Year Round School". Foster doesn't finish up first grade until July 21st (yes, a Monday). Then he's off until Sept. 2nd when he goes back to school for second grade - Sept. 2nd is also the poor kid's birthday - what a bummer!

I kinda like the year round schedule, but it's a bit complicated to learn all the days that he's either "on-track" or "off-track". And around these parts there's really no rhyme or reason for which schools are "Year Round" or "Traditional". I mean the other elementary school less than a mile away is on a Traditional schedule. Weird.

And since he's been going to the same school since Kindergarten, he really doesn't know any better. To him, going to school until almost the end of July is typical. I do think they retain a bit more in the Year Round schools. But yes, it does seem to make for a shorter summer. And, as he gets older and more aware, he'll be realizing that other kids are "FREE" for summer - well, just about...now...


3rd Annual Blogging for Families Day

Yikers, it's almost midnite, and I came "thisclose" to missing the deadline. Whew - I think I'll get this in before the clock strikes 12.

I completed this task last year, so here goes it again.

Hmmmmm, Blogging for Families Day - sometimes I think that when I blog about my family that really, we are very similar to any other family raising kids. But then I remember our "family" is not the "Traditional" family and we worked really hard to get here. Thankfully, Laura and I haven't been negatively affected by the fact that we are a two-mom family. Our family doctors, teachers, co-workers, etc., they are all more than welcoming to us. I used to think I had to go into a situation (i.e. school or a Dr's appt.) with an arsenal of explanations for our family, but really, I don't. Now, I just go in and when I fill out forms for the kids I cross off "father" and put "mother". I don't make a big deal over it, it just is. And for the most part, it isn't a big deal. Foster's school had a few glitches and we worked with them to correct it (i.e. the "Mother" and "Father" thingie on the forms - I mean, seeing how now the divorce rate is about 50% there are tons of kids being raised by grandparents, single parents, etc. - I want to say "Get with the program" - so I did...;-))

Anyway, now I'm of the mindset that I just go into the situation and that our family is just as valued, just as normal, and just as perfect as any other family. I expect nothing short of complete acceptance. Why should I "settle" for anything less?? My kids deserve it, they deserve to know that they have 2 loving parents - regardless of their parent's sexual orientation. And now that CA has (so far) gone so far as to 'approve' gay marriage, we have another thing to think about.

Laura and I are registered domestic partners. She adopted the boys after I birthed them. Her name is on the birth certificate. She is mom. I'm mom. Clear and simple. Should something ever happen to me, there is not ONE. SINGLE. OTHER. person in this world I'd completely trust to raise our kids than her. NONE. NONE. NONE.

So, marriage. Hmmmm, a piece of paper, some legal documents, equal opportunities - a lifetime commitment. Yup. We gotta go there. I mean, this is our chance - we are lucky, VERY lucky to live in a state that recognizes our family as a legal unit. We have to go forward and be recognized. Other states need to get with the program. Our families are everywhere. We need to stand up and be counted and recognized. That's why we fight for our families. Why we put so much effort into making sure all our proverbial ducks are in a "straight" row (if you didn't get that pun, re-read it in the context of this post...). We do it to show our 3 boys that they mean the world to us and therefore we are fighting for their freedom in the future - should one, two or all three of them need the same protections that we are afforded. For us and all the other families out there.

Isn't that what it's all about?
Oh, and how can anyone resist 3 wee boys doing the Macarena (blast to the past eh?)