Math Whiz

This is Foster receiving his award at a very special school assembly. He won the award (which also came with a free meal at a local nice restaurant) for his "excellence in math". The picture is of Foster and his Kindergarten teacher.

Goodness, I know he certainly didn't get the math genes from me, but I'm pleased he is doing so well in math. It's such an important subject. If he can continue to do well in math - he's got it made.

And hopefully he won't decide to become a social worker or anything like that! ;-)

yes, I'm joking (kinda...)


So now it's Wednesday - do you all know what that means?

Wednesday nights Laura has her Practitioner classes. This means, Wednesday night, I'm solo mama. Not too bad really. It's just after 7pm and all 3 kids are in bed. The twins are almost asleep and Foster gets to watch a movie on Wednesday nights.

I'm here posting this vs. being in my room doing whatever I need to do because I don't want to walk past the twins' room. Logan is finally quiet - he's been cranky crying for about 10 minutes. He's fine, I checked on him 3 times but every time he quiets down and I attempt to walk past his room he sees me and wakes up and it starts all over again. I think I'll stay here for a while.

I know, I need to post some pictures. Will get to that as soon as I have some good ones to post. Probably this weekend. We're going to a b-day party at the park and I'm sure I'll get some good shots of the kids there.

In other exciting news:
Foster went with his Kindergarten class to the Zoo today. He had fun and is quite the tired boy. He's doing so well in school - I'm actually a bit surprised. Surprised mostly because he's a "young 5" - meaning he turned 5 in Sept. when he started Kindergarten and is in a class with other kids who maybe turned 6 right after school started. But, he's doing very well. So well in fact, that this coming Monday he's being honored at the school assembly with "an award". I think just a few kids in his class are getting them. And no, we still don't know exactly WHAT kind of an award it is. I unfortunately can't make it but Laura will go and will totally take pictures for me.

Logan and Seth are doing well also. They seem to learn something new every day; maybe every hour. Some things they say are too funny. Seth's new thing to say when I ask him to do something is "OKAAAAAAY" - you know, like a sassy pre-teen. Lovely. He's only 2.5 - what do we have to look forward to? Logan has mastered locking and unlocking the carport door and the door to the backyard. Not fun. Nope. Not when you are the adult (without keys) standing on the other side of the door!!!!

Me - this training for my new job is kicking my butt. It's tough to sit for 8 hours at a time. But, we're more than half-way done. Yay! I just want to get settled into my new job and get my office and desk and computer and meet all my co-workers and basically just settle into my new "normal".

Laura - doing well. Studying hard for her Practitioner classes (Religious Science) and writing papers, etc.

Us - freaking out about flying to NY next month. I do NOT relish the thought of the red-eye flight to NY with 3 kids. I pray they sleep. And then, what I think will actually be worse, our mid-day flight back to CA when they will be at their peak of alertness. Oy.

Well, methinks it's quiet enough to sneak past the twins' room.

If I post again it means I didn't make it.

If you don't see a post than "yay" for me - I made it!

See ya!


It's almost Friday, so that boys and girls means...

It's "O.J.T." Day - huh?

On the Job Training Day. We usually have them every Friday, minus a few here and there. So, that means tomorrow I go to my job site and follow some other workers around and "learn the (proverbial) ropes". I'm both looking forward to it and not. I am because then I get to be out and about and learning my job and interacting with other co-workers. Not, because I have NO idea what I'll be doing tomorrow or whom I'll be seeing and that scares me. It would be different if I was working there every day and really "understood" what my daily life would entail. But only going to the OJT once a week, I really don't have that follow-thru.

Anyway, who knows what tomorrow will bring. I have been out with other social workers as they interview kids at the schools but I really want to try to go out with one that will be doing an unannounced home visit. Haven't done that yet.

Otherwise, training is going fine. Some days are more fun that others. Earlier this week I had a 4 hour training on installing car seats - yes, by the professionals. We used my minivan and other peoples vans for "examples". This meant that all the world (okay, just my co-workers) got to witness what a minivan looks like after 3 kids have been in it. Let's just say that the birds got a treat of old goldfish crackers, and I found a dime and a play watch we "lost" a month ago.

Week 4 done, "only" 4 more weeks to go!!!!!!!!!


Yeah, squishy bed...

A week ago, I awoke with wet pj's. No, didn't pee on myself. Our waterbed sprung a leak.

Since this wasn't the first (or second) time, we decided to move away from waterbeds. So we went a searchin' and bought one of those Tempur-Pedic beds.

So, yeah, it's pretty squishy. Not quite as squishy as the waterbed, but certainly more so than a regular bed.

We're still deciding if we really like it. We have 60 days to decide (we can return it actually). So far, I really like it. It's very comfy.

So, yeah, squishy bed.


Still in training...

And it's only nearing the end of the third week. "Just" 5 more weeks to go!!!!!!!!

Some days it's pretty boring. Just sitting in the classroom listening to boring people present boring topics. However, some days it's much more interesting.

Monday brings us our "Car seat installation class". For five hours we have the police dept. come to show us how to properly install carseats. That is, if I know I'm going to be removing a child or children and will be using a county car - I need to install all the carseats first. At least it's a "hands-on" training so we get to be outside, and not in the classroom.

So that's the scoop. I'll have to fill you all in on our new bed - it's ummm, squishy.