4 hour meetings…

…should be outlawed!

8:00am to noon - whose bright idea was this? I'm not even half-alive at 8am (altho I do get to work at 7am). Not to mention totally boring! Let's see - I counted all my teeth - twice; counted the ceiling tiles; mentally figured out what day of the week my birthday will fall on next year (April 13th is a Friday for those who are wondering); drank lots of coffee - anything to keep me awake.

Whew! That's over - until the next one - next WEEK!


In case you were wondering...

...yes, they did wake up!

Uggggggg. That's the last time I put out negative thoughts into the universe.

Seth woke up exactly 7 minutes after I posted the last post. Luckily he went back to sleep about 20 minutes later.

But Logan woke up at 12:45am with the tv remote in one hand and a toy dinosaur in the other. He was talking outside our door and Laura got up with him thinking both boys were awake and talking in the hall. Usually we put up a gate in their doorway - both to keep them from wandering and to keep our dog from going in their room. But we neglected to put up the gate last night. Anyway, Logan had put on the tv, and used the TiVo remote to select a cartoon that was recorded - I have NO idea how he did that. But Laura was able to get him back to sleep 30 minutes later with little difficulty.

Lesson learned = the first cardinal rule of blogging is still true!


Secrets to Sea World (and other stuff)

So, you ask --- how DO you get into Sea World (http://www.seaworld.com/SWC/default.aspx) for only $5.60 when the regular adult price is $54.00???

You volunteer to be a "Class Mom" to a group of 21 Kindergarteners.

What was I thinking???

Foster's class is going on a field trip to Sea World on December 11th. It's a Monday. That's my "short" day - meaning I only work 4 hours that day. So, to have a full day off of work, I only have to use 4 hours of vacation time. Seemed like a good idea at the time.

I know I'll have fun - I'm really looking forward to it actually. And so is Foster.

The school bus leaves at 9am and must leave Sea World at 1pm to get back to school in time for dismissal. It's probably less than a 25 minute drive. I could ride on the big, yellow school bus. But, if I drive my own car, I can "keep" Foster at Sea World when his class leaves and then we can go on the rides, in the shops, see all the things his class won't get to see on this "Educational Field Trip". I'm going to go with that option.

I mean, this is my chance to get into Sea World for about $50 less than a regular ticket (Foster's ticket and bus will cost a total of about $8 and I think the regular kid price to SW is about $48). And I don't want to feel rushed out of there. So, I'll be the good volunteer "Mom" to the 21 kids (mine included) and enjoy a day at Shamu's Home.

This is my very first "Class Mom" trip - I'm a bit nervous but also very excited. Mostly I want to watch my own kid interact with all the other kids and his teacher - that's something I really never get to see. And of course, watch all the little ones see the amazment of Sea World.

Okay - here's the "other stuff". I'm going to break the first cardinal rule of blogging and state that the twins have been asleep since they came home from daycare at 5:15pm. It's now after 9pm and they are still asleep. I'm still afraid to breathe loudly, don't wanna wake them. Yes, they missed dinner but anyone with little kids knows it's near impossible to wake up a child who is over 2 years old and force them to eat dinner as they fall asleep at the table. So, I changed them and put them to bed. I figured if they woke up, of course I'll offer them something to eat but more than likely, they are in for the night.

Now watch, the minute after I press "Publish Post" they will wake up in a pissy, hungry mood.

And if they do, I'll tell you about it.

Until then, I'm enjoying this "time off".


I know, I know....

Me bad blogger person.

New post coming soon. And you too can learn how you can get into Sea World for the low, low price of $5.60.

And no, you don't have to wash dishes OR swim with Shamu.


The Days Go Slow but the Years Go Fast

This is what happens when we blink!
Top photo is of all 3 kids from Halloween 2005 and bottom photo is this year.

Guess it's a good thing that we bought the costumes BIG the first time around - whohoo! And of course, that they couldn't care less about the costumes (well, Foster WANTED to wear his again) - it was all about the sweet stuff!