Day 3 and other news

First off - Logan's hearing is apparently normal!


He had his repeat hearing eval. this morning. Laura took him into the appt. while I entertained Seth in the hallways and the gift shop of the hospital. I even showed him the nursery (it was on the same floor as audiology) and told him he lived there for the first 48 hours of his life but he didn't seem very interested. He WAS interested in the $6.00 frogs with bulging eyes we got in the gift store though.

Anyway, Logan had lots of wax in one ear and after that was cleared out they tested him and his hearing was normal. No follow up needed. This is very good news.

After the hearing test we went to Big Lots in search of a new vegetable bin and a shoe rack. Well, $95 later we got the bin but no shoe rack. We did get lots of other goodies though. Love Big Lots (http://www.biglots.com/).

Then I finally went to the clubhouse here (http://www.mvhoa.org/) by our house to get a new pool key with my correct name and address. I've only been meaning to that for NINE years! Problem being is that the clubhouse is only open Mon - Fri from 8am to 3pm. Well, sorry, but I'm usually at work during those hours but since I had off today I finally got that "activity" crossed off my "To Do" list.

Then we came home for lunch and put the twins down for a nap. That was almost an hour ago and I expect to have another hour to an hour and a half of peace. Laura went to the grocery store. After they wake up, if they are in good moods we'll head to the pool for a dip - it's HOT here.

Day 3
Here we are on day 3 of no daycare. Only 2 more days to go. Laura has been doing an awesome job - and we saved $200 by not having to pay for daycare this week. But we both decided that we just weren't meant to be SAHM's. Oh well. We're having fun today. We're two against two so the odds are good.

Foster Update
Foster is doing amazingly well in his new preschool. They are really getting the kids ready for Kindergarten. There are about 10 kids in his "class" in this "Kindergarten Readiness" program and he's loving it. In the morning they have "Classwork" - mainly worksheets and writing and reading. In the afternoon they mainly have crafts and outdoor time. He's having a great time there and has made lots of friends. Tomorrow he goes on his very first field trip. They are going on a school bus to the space museum in Balboa Park (http://www.balboapark.org/in-the-park/detail.php?OrgID=13) for the day! My baby is going on a field trip!!! I'm sure he'll have a blast and have lots to tell us when he gets home!

Swimming is going so well - he's doing so much better than I ever thought he would. He's swimming to the bottom of the pool to pick up objects, floating, jumping in, etc. These lessons with his best bud Connor are excellent.

I'm taking off Monday the 3rd so we can take Foster to the San Diego County Fair (http://www.sdfair.com/fair/index.php?fuseaction=fair.home). The twins will be back in daycare - because honestly - they don't enjoy riding in their stroller for that long and I know I don't want to be rushing thru the fair. So we decided to just make a special day with Foster. Well, we are also going with his best friend Connor and his mommy and grandma so it will really be fun! I'm so excited!!! I love the fair. I love the food and the crafts and the animals, and all the goodies to buy. I love it all. The best part though it watching Foster love it all too. He can't wait to go on all the rides with Connor.

Well, that's it for now. Guess I should put away all our Big Lots purchases before the twins awaken!


We did it!

We survived the first day without daycare!

Actually, Laura survived - I went to work.

Only 4 more days to go...

...I'll keep you all up to date!


It's coming!!!

The week we've been waiting for - the week our daycare provider for the twins is on vacation. Such is the risk we take when opting for home daycare vs. Foster's center-based preschool. Oh well, I know she deserves it - it's just hard.

We had a great weekend though. I had a wonderful spa pedicure on Friday after work - this is after I got a DTaP shot/immunization during the day. By the end of the day I felt kinda ill but I wasn't sure if it was more "mind over matter" esp. after reading all the side-effects you can have from the shot. Anyway - the pedicure was wonderful.

Then, came Seth's night from Hell. All went as expected on Friday night. Dinner and baths and bed. Laura and I watched another L word episode and it was about 10:30pm when we were getting ready for bed. That's when Seth decided to wake up. To make a long story short, I wound up sleeping with him on the couch until he finally fell asleep at 3:15am. Do you know that you can order your swimming pool and spa by calling an "800" # from tv? Yeah, not very interesting programming on at that time. Seth thought it was fascinating and I didn't want to start watching something that would keep him up - little did I know! I finally transferred him to his crib at 3:30am. And went to bed. Then woke up at 8am. Not enough sleep!

But........after checking out our neighborhood garage sale on Saturday, we came home for lunch and the twins went down for a nap and actually slept for close to THREE hours! Unheard of. And Foster and I took a 2 hour nap. Then Foster and I went swimming and Laura stayed home with the twins.

And best of all - a spur of the moment chance to have a night out - dinner and a movie. The twins Godmother came over and watched the clan (fed them dinner, bathed and put them to bed) and Laura and I had a wonderful dinner out and finally got to see The DaVinci Code.

Today was quiet and low-keyed. Church in the morning, home for lunch and then nap for everyone (including me) and then Laura took Foster to the pool while I stayed home with the twins and did even more laundry.

And so, tomorrow it begins. Our week without daycare (for the twins) - Foster's still going to preschool as usual.

I'll keep you informed.


Can't wait for tomorrow (at 4:30pm)

Not only is tomorrow Friday but I've decided that I'm taking some "me" time and going for a pedicure after work. Not just any old pedicure but the "Deluxe Spa Pedicure". Now, I only have these when my mom is out here visiting (our guilty pleasure) but I figured why not, next week is gonna be a long and busy since our twins' daycare provider is going on vacation for the week. Laura is going to be playing the part of the "SAHM" and I'm going to work - except for Wednesday when I'm taking off too.

So, I thought, I better get some "me" time in now - as I know Laura will be chomping at the bit to get some "me" time after being home all day with the twins.

So - tomorrow, at 4:30pm I'll be totally relaxing for close to an hour while my hard-working feet get a make-over. And yes, this includes the "massaging chair", the "sea salt glow treatment", the "tension relief massage", the "marine mask treatment", and the "paraffin wax treatment". But shhhhhh, don't tell anyone less I lose my "gay card".

I'll take that risk.

Blissful risk...

Hi, my name is Ivy...

...and I'm an "L word" addict.

If only we had Showtime.

But we don't. So, we bought the first two seasons on DVD at Target a few weeks ago - we're almost done. We've watched two years worth of episodes in less than a month. Oy. What are we going to do when we're done with season 2? We have to wait apparently until this Fall when season 3 is out on DVD and believe me, we'll be first in line to buy it. That is, if we don't order Showtime first....

Oh - and I also ordered (and rec'd) the "L word" companion book - the one that I almost (but didn't) put a rush order on from Amazon.com - now I have something to get me thru the next few months until season 3 is ready...


Trying to escape and other news...

That's Logan (in the bottom photo) - we keep telling him to keep all arms and legs inside the ride at all times, but does he listen? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Seth on the other hand usually sleeps right smack in the middle of the crib amongst his stuffed friends.

But, I think we're going to be ready soon for their big-boy beds. We have two toddler beds waiting for them - they are currently taking up the top bunk in Foster's room. Next week is also potty-training boot camp since our dear daycare provider is taking a well-earned week of vacation. Laura is taking the week off to stay home with the twins and as a result has decided to push the potty-training issue.

I am taking next Wednesday off since Logan has his repeat hearing eval. and Seth can't be in the room during the testing. Logan's appt. is at 9am. Hopefully we'll get some better results this time, or at least some conclusive results. I'll keep you informed.


I'd rather use the mens room...

...no, not like THAT. See, at work, we have two "internal" bathrooms - ones not available for public use like the hallway ones. They are labeled "women" and "men" but really, they are unisex. I usually try the "women's" bathroom first as it's the first door you come to down the hall. If it's locked I try the "men's" room. But OMG, the "womens" room usually smells like toothpaste! It's gross. I mean I'm sure the smell of minty-fresh toothpaste is better than some other bathroom smells but for some reason I can't stand that smell in the bathroom at work. It's worst after lunch-time when it seems like the Dental Convention is coming and everyone goes in there to brush teeth! Ick. I can't stand seeing dried drops of green and blue toothpaste in the sink, not to mention long strands of hair in the sink as well. It just turns my stomach. The door is always closed, it can't be propped open for the room to air out so it's just icky.

Now, the men's room is a different story. What, do men NOT ever brush their teeth? Apparently not - okay, I don't brush my teeth at work either. But I gotta tell you, it's very rare that that bathroom has ANY smells in it at all. Maybe that's because in my office of about 65 workers, I think there are only 3 or 4 men. And most of the women tend to use the women's room the men's room is usually underused. Anyway, what it comes down to is this - if I have my choice I use the men's room at work - because goodness, those guys are either really, really clean or they hold it all day until they get home and never use the work bathrooms.

There - end of rant!

Sleep-Over Success

Foster's first sleep-over was a success!!!!! He loved it! Foster and Connor stayed up way late watching movies and giggling. He stayed at Connor's house until the next day after lunch and after swim lesson (at Connor's house). Then we returned the favor by taking Connor home with us so that Connor's parents could have a break. Foster loved having Connor over - someone his own size to play with. How fun.

We are so lucky that Foster met Connor when he did - at about 12 weeks old when they were in the same infant room at daycare. Even though they now go to different schools, they have a great friendship. We will certainly miss them for the next two weeks while they are on vacation. But, we have plans for many other outings - the San Diego County Fair, swim lessons 3 times per week (in Connor's pool), lots more playdates, movies, etc. I haven't met a friend like this in such a long time. It feels good!


First Sleep-over

My "baby" is having his first sleep-over at his friend's Connor's house. I think this is hardest on Laura and I. This is the first time he'll be spending the night somewhere other than with us (or one of us). But, upon receiving an e-mail from Connor's mom letting me know that the boys are having a blast watching movies and giggling, I know he'll be just fine. It's us that has to make it thru the night.

But, he's making some life-time memories here. I just know it!


We've graduated to the table!

Logan (above) and Seth (below) are now big boys that don't need their trays anymore. They sit at the table like the big boys they are! Fun times ahead, I think...

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But I don't wanna...

...clean out my closets. I know I have to, the garage sale is on the 24th but I have a headache and I just don't want to!

Laura is at her last class (at her church) and all the kids are (thankfully) in bed (it's not even 8pm). I think I'm gonna get some juicy strawberries and some peaches from our backyard tree and watch one of the movies I bought at Hollywood Video.

The closet can wait...after all, there's only clothes in there now! (HAHAHAHAHAHA)


$150 sandals!

We went to Target this evening - Seth needed sandals. Well, those little plastic sandals cost us almost $150.00 becaue we just "had to" buy the entire first two seasons of "The L Word". Yup, don't know where I've been living these past few years but since we don't get Showtime, we couldn't watch The L Word. Well, glory be, we bought the series.

Now, we just finished the first two episodes and we're hooked.

This is NOT to mention that I went to Hollywood Video today to rent a movie and came out $35 poorer. I bought 5 dvd's for $20 and got two rentals. They were all on clearance after all. And it is summer and "Lost" is on re-runs. Duh...gotta watch something!

Okay, so at Target we also got some "super soakers". Played outside earlier today with the two we had - too fun. Had to get another one so the moms can soak each other. Hmmmm, should keep the neighbors busy watching....:->
Evolution of Dance

This is a great 6 minute distraction. Enjoy!

Hound Dog - Elvis Presley
The Twist - Chubby Checker
Stayin' Alive - The Bee Gees
Y.M.C.A. - The Village People
Kung Fu Fighting - Carl Douglas
Keep On - The Brady Bunch
Greased Lightnin' - John Travolta
You Shook Me All Night Long - AC/DC
Billy Jean - Michael Jackson
Thriller - Michael Jackson
Oompa Loompa - Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory
Mr. Roboto - Styx
Break Dance (Electric Boogie) - The Sugarhill Gang
Walk Like An Egyptian - The Bangles
The Chicken Dance - Bob Karnes
Mony Mony - Billy Idol
Ice Ice Baby - Vanilla Ice
U Can't Touch This - MC Hammer
Love Shack - The B-52's
Apache - The Sugarhill Gang
Jump Around - House of Pain
Baby Got Back - Sir Mix-A-Lot
Tubthumping - Chumbawaba
What Is Love - Haddaway
Cotton Eye Joe - Rednex
Macarena - Los Del Rio
Bye Bye Bye - N'Sync
Lose Yourself - Eminem
Hey Ya! - Outkast
Dirt Off Your Shoulder - Jay-Z
Ice Ice Baby - Vanilla Ice ("Yo, let's get outta here. Word to your mother")
Bye Bye Bye - N'Sync ("Bye, bye, bye")