Happy Holidays and "Let's Go Shopping"! - for free!

So - about a year or so ago, I filled out (again) one of those Class Action Lawsuits - this one was against Kmart. It was about accessibility issues in the aisles of Kmart filed by a person who had problems with a wheelchair. Well, when I read the limitations of the Class Action Lawsuit - I realized that I too had the same issues when I used my side-by-side double stroller - which is the same width as a standard wheelchair. I recall being unable to push it thru the aisles in our local Kmart. So, I filled out the online info. and filed my "part" of the lawsuit. Now, usually when I've filled out such things I've rec'd a check for maybe $1.50 (that's ONE dollar and fifty cents) or a coupon for 15% off an item of something I won't ever buy, etc.

This was different my friend.

Saturday, we're all sitting around the kitchen table and someone is knocking on our door. Turns out to be our mailman. He asked for me and he had a small padded envelope. I had to sign in various places and on the certified mail label. I thought I was being sued or something.

I took the envelope to the table and nervously opened it. Then, all these pink gift cards spilled out on the table. I was confused. Then I looked at them - more than a DOZEN $50.oo gift cards and a few more were laid out on the table. $692.29 (some were unmarked and when I called were that odd amount) in gift cards to be exact!!!!!!!!!!!! We were just looking at each other in disbelief. I re-read the attached letter. Yup, I was "eligible" for "my part" of the class action lawsuit.

But wait ---

Laura looked at the letter and said to me "You do realize there's a check attached to here don't you"? Huh?? I just assumed it was the "accounting" of the enclosed gift cards.


A check for $2769.19 - holy moley.

For a grand total of over $3,461.00.

All that time filling out various forms finally paid off.

We're going shopping today - at Kmart.

Yup, Happy Holidays!!!!


Another Christmas Funny

Christmas Dress $25.00
Family Photo Pack $50.00
Christmas Cards $30.00
Sending the cards out before realizing your daughter’s flipping off Santa Claus

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