The bad news and the very good news...

The bad news is that my baby minivan needs a brand new TRANSMISSION ($$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$)...............

The VERY good news is that the original transmission was under waranty for 109k miles and the minivan has about 73k so it will be replaced for FREEEEEEEEEEEE.

Whew! I most certainly wasn't looking forward to putting that amount on our credit card. It was towed this morning and luckily I was able to get a ride home and the rest of the day turned out fine.

I was concerned because I did buy the car at auction over 4 years ago - so I didn't know the history on the car. It's been a pretty good van over the years and didn't really need anything - this was the first major issue - and again, very happy indeed that the only thing I have to pay right now was the $21 to tow it to the dealership.

What you don't want to have to use first thing in the morning.......

Because I'm feeling "picture-y"

Foster, Seth and Logan under their "masking tape web"

Logan wearing lots and lots of leis while playing with the dollhouse

Foster wearing lots and lots of leis

We've had this Hanukkah set now for a few years and we used to take it out every year at Hanukkah time but since last Hanukkah we had to leave it out. It ranks up there on the Top 5 favorite toys to play with year-round - regardless of the 'holiday'

How Logan and Seth set up their family around the Hanukkah table --- so what if the dog is now seated AT the table in a chair - you know, equal opportunity and all that


Our very busy, very productive day...

Okay, here's our list (Laura was off work today) of what we did today.

Read thru the list and then tell me what you think my "drug of choice" was - yes, it's legal and yes it's on the list.

Here goes:

Drop Foster off at summer program
Go to breakfast at IHOP
Go to Vons (grocery store)
Go to Abbey Party Rental
Go to Marshalls
Go to Hallmark
Go to Mervyn's
Order fresh flower lei's for wedding at flower place
Go to Target
Go to Raphaels (party rental place)
Go to Home Depot ('cause I broke our kitchen faucet, well, it WAS old)
Go to the bank (nope, no free samples)
Return videos at Blockbuster
Go to Starbucks where I ordered a "Dirty Chai Latte" with TWO shots of espresso
Laura went to a doctor's appointment and I'm on my 3rd load of laundry

Any thoughts??


Not the end of summer yet...

While I read and hear - oh, and don't forget the Target commercials - my eldest doesn't start the new school year until Sept. 2nd. And poor child, that's his actual birthday.

Kinda like "Happy Birthday" now off to school you go.

In a post to be written, what we've decided on Foster's upcoming school placement - he's "way excited".

Anyway, this "no school yet thing" is all thanks to the year-round schedule he's on. I still like it though.


Conversations Overheard...

Logan and Seth watching "The Magic Schoolbus" this morning.

Logan: "A him is a he, it's a boy"
Seth: "Yeah and a her is a she, a girl"
Logan: "And that's a boy because he's a him"
Seth: "Yes, and that's a girl because she's a her"


Seth: "Look Logan, those are blood cells!"

(and they were! We're are in trouble with that kid...)


We decided on our "mini-moon" - yay!

We'll be going HERE - The Paradise Point Resort and Spa (Spahhhhh?)

We'll be spending just a few nights there but (hopefully) it'll be enough to "recharge" - of course the kidlets will be staying at home. We have yet to take a vacation without them so this is something different.

Best yet, we reserved a bayside lanai garden room/suite. Just steps from the sand. We drove quickly through the resort last weekend on our way to a playdate and we were so happy and can't wait to be there. I know we'll love it and will finally have some time to unwind and relax.



12 out of the 16...

That's how many tasks I got done Thursday! Well, 13 if you count "eat something" and that 'something' was this:

But, still more to get done...next week...


'cause if I write it maybe it'll get done...

Today is a "free day" meaning I have no appointments and no interviews.

Because I couldn't get to sleep last night I made my list of things I needed wanted to get done today. It's now just after 9am - Foster is at his "daycamp" and Logan and Seth are at their daycare providers.

Let's see how many things I can get done today - here is my list:

set up crockpot for dinner
call my dr. regarding results of a test
call my mother-in-law's dr. to discuss various issues
CLEAN HOUSE (notice all capitals, I'm screaming that)
clean off my desk and find a place for my "in/out" box
try to burn a disc of wedding music
go to drugstore and pick up a Rx
bake something special for dessert
change Foster's sheets
laundry (everyones - especially since Seth thought it would be fun to see just how much sidewalk chalk he could cover himself with...just sayin')
go thru the multitude of magazines multiplying by my bed and toss some
call to find out how to get my "free" pedicure (bought some shampoo with free coupon)
call and find a new primary care dr. for Laura
call MIL's IHSS worker and see if she rec'd my info.
call (again) some of the IHSS workers on the list, see who's available to help MIL
water backyard and the flowers in the front

Well, I think that's enough for now!!! I hope to get most of the list completed before it's time to pick up Foster, I have 7 hours.

Wish me luck...

Oh, and I didn't add in "eat something".


I can see clearly now.....(c'mon, sing along)

So, yes, Logan loves his new glasses. I took him to pick them up. They put them on him and they asked him to look at a sign posted way on the other side of the office. Logan said "I can see the sign" - well, at least he didn't say "I can see the light, must follow the light..." (enough stupid humor Ivy). He was over the moon excited to be able to SEE.

He kept commenting to me "I can see Mommy" - it literally brought tears to my eyes, I felt so bad that we didn't pick up on it sooner but oh so happy that my boy can see. Funny though, when I was checking out they let him pick a "treasure" out of the treasure chest. I pointed to the treasure chest and looked at Logan - he wasn't moving. Rather he was lifting his glasses on and off his eyes and saying "close (with glasses on), far (with glasses off), close, far, close, far...". Sweet boy. He has been really good with them. He takes them off at night and puts them on first thing in the morning by himself. I don't know much about the prescription but one of the lenses is a "+7" which I understand is quite a strong Rx. I wear glasses and I think mine was like a +2 or something, so I guess his is much worse.

Anyway, he took to them very easily and I'm so thankful. I envisioned a struggle but there was none. We do have to remind him that he's not to push out the lenses (did that once) or play with his glasses. Overall he is doing so well. And for the very first time EVER, he sat ON the couch to watch a tv program vs. on the floor right in front of the tv.

We do have an appt. in a few weeks to go back in to get his eye patched. They are planning to do the patching first and if it doesn't work out then surgery may be indicated.

But for now, he's a very happy camper.

Here's a few pic's of Logan and Seth playing with play-doh and painting this past Sunday while Mommy Laura and Foster were off to Home Depot.


Wedding plans and all that...

I just realized that I haven't even updated y'all on our wedding plans. Big day is Sept. 6th.

But, then again, it's late - so the update will have to wait - but it's all good!

Even planned a "mini-moon"...

Details to follow.