Music Video - Update - Getting There

The music video we were involved in a short while ago is still in the works (see post from April 13th if you need a refresher). Anyway, the video was released in Long Beach a few weeks ago, however we haven't yet seen it .

BUT, the album cover is about ready and here's a sneak preview (you can click on each one for a larger version):

Okay, in the first picture the singer is obviously Melange Lavonne who is the chic in the big picture in the blue shirt. Now it's hard to see but there are 3 "circle-y" shapes to the left of her picture. The top "circle" is me (sitting on the ground in the yellow shirt, drawing with chalk) and Foster is to left and Logan is to the right in that picture!!!

AND, in the middle "circle" is Laura and Foster on his bike (with the helmet) - Whohoo!!! We made the COVER!

The bottom shot also shows the backside of the video cover. In the bottom "circle-y" thing you can see us playing "tug-of-war" - that's me (Ivy) on the far left of the circle and Foster is in front of me.

Now, I just can't wait to see the entire video - soon!


Just to prove we are all a-okay, a few pic's from the New Children's Museum


...no, I'm so not pregnant...

...no, Laura and I are so NOT breaking up - we are ROCK solid...

...no, nobody died...

...Thanks for your concern, everything always works out for the better in the end...


Things are quiet so far...

I know I haven't posted much, lots going on but I need to wait a bit.

You'll see....

It will all be okay in the end....



Good Grief - My Mind is Mush

So, Logan and Seth's birthday is July 15th. We've been thinking about what to do, where to do it, etc. We were thinking that if we're in our new house (with a pool) that we can have maybe a combo. housewarming/birthday/pool party deal.

So, I've been thinking about the invitation. I was going to try to make it myself on the computer. I was tossing about some "headings". I was trying to find something that was catchy and that rhymed. I was so proud of myself when I came up with:

"Baby A and Baby B are turning THREE"

Sounds good eh?

Well, except for the fact that they are turning FOUR.

Yeah, details and all that.


We've got ourselves a new HOUSE!

We're moving to "Holland" - more on that later!

Yup, and a pool AND hot-tub too...


Placed our offer on a house...

...hope to find out tomorrow if it's accepted - if so, we should be swimming in our new pool before July....

NO details just yet - superstition and all that.


Counter offer accepted - HELLO Escrow!!

We're in! Off to search out some homes tomorrow!


More details later, and YES, we have a few places in mind...