Exciting NEWS!

We've been selected as a "REAL" LGBT family to appear in a real-live music video!

It's filming in Long Beach at the end of April. Altho it's not a paid appearance, it will be shown on LOGO and at many Pride festivals this year and other music TV shows.

More details to come (it's not 100% finalized yet) but I'm sooooooo excited for this chance!



Yeah, yeah, yeah...

Update coming soon!
But tomorrow is holiday for ME (and Laura is taking off too) - so that means MASSAGE and spa day!


5 Years

So I was home later this morning than usual as I had an endodontist appt. (to re-do a root canal - so not fun) when I had the tv on.

5 years.

It's been five years since the war in Iraq started.

Now, I haven't gotten on my soapbox here on the blog about politics - other than my handy-dandy countdown ticker to when "you know who" is OUT of office.

But I remember it clearly. It was after work, I was home - I was watching tv and went to the bathroom. When I came back a few minutes later - the war had started. Just like that. "Shock and Awe". Unbelievable. How horrible. How UNhuman.

So, this morning, I had the tv on - and heard "We interrupt this programming to bring you this "Breaking News"". Bush was giving his speech. The one I'm sure he didn't write - and I could only watch a few minutes before I was so disgusted with this man, I had to change channels. More than 4,000 men and women, moms and dads are dead (not to mention the countless Iraqis) -

and we as a nation are more interested in what governor is having sex with who?

Personally - I could NOT care less about the sex-lives of our so-called leaders. Sure, Clinton got laid and Spitzer paid - but really,

4,000 dead.

That's what I care about.

Canada is looking better all the time.


A sign I saw today...

Unsupervised children will be given sugar and a free puppy!


Zoo and Crack

First off – the Zoo was very fun. The kids had a really good time and the highlight of the trip was the “Skyride”. We took the double-decker bus ride around the Zoo – that was fun, mostly for Foster who was tall enough to see things. I sat with Logan and Laura had Seth and Foster. Logan was most interested in the little girl across the aisle and the tractors…yeah; nothing says San Diego Zoo like a tractor. Anyway, it was a fun day; we were all quite tired by the end of the day. I particularly enjoyed the apes, monkeys, etc.; maybe they remind me of my own kids? Hmmmmmmm.


No, not the drug.

Our slab/foundation.


Fun times.

Turns out that the ridge in the carpet in the hallway wasn’t really “bunched up carpet padding” like we had hoped (I think we were in denial). Turned out to be a sizable crack that ran the length of the hallway and thru Logan and Seth’s room – it seemed to follow a path that led to a tree outside. Bye-bye tree. :-(

So, yesterday, our condo. association came in and fixed the crack. They completed the project in one day. The carpet had to be pulled back and stay that way for at least a day. That meant that Logan and Seth got to have a sleep-over in Foster’s room. That was fun for the first 25 minutes – then the noise-level increased and my tolerance decreased. With the recent time-change (don’t get me started), I’ve felt “off” and the kids seemed to be a bit off as well. We certainly haven’t adjusted quite yet.

Anyway, the pictures below look worse than it is. The first one (of the hallway) looks terrible, as if there was ugly mold or something – it’s really just some glue and leftover padding and hallway lighting. The picture below that is the twins’ room. Then the last one is the infamous “sleep-over”.

So, we had taken the house off the market when this all began. Now we’ve decided to get new carpet in the living room and the hallway (the bedrooms really aren’t that bad) because, well you do the math – 10 year-old carpet + 3 kids + 2 adults = ick. We really needed new carpet. I’d prefer wood/laminate but since we’re still proceeding to put the house on the market again, I’d prefer NOT to invest a huge chunk of cash into something that we’d probably not realize in the end. Therefore, I’ll now be able to enjoy fresh, new, CLEAN carpet for a while. Guess that’s the good news on that. New carpet should go in in a few weeks. Then the house goes back on the market. I hope that with the new carpet (and better vibes from the floor) – we’ll sell quickly. It’s funny, it seems that every time we turn around, houses are being foreclosed – people are being forced to down-size. We want/need the opposite. We need to up-size (is that a word?) and luckily have no issues with not affording our home. I just wish we could snap up a few of those great homes we keep seeing for sale. Yes, this is truly a buyer’s market, but when you have to sell first in order to buy, it just kind of cancels each other out.

Wish us luck!


You know your 6 year old is growing up when...

...I can tell him to go get the trash can at the end of the driveway...
...and he does.


It's the little things.

I know it's time for an update but yet again, it's after 11:00pm and seeing that I have "staff meeting" tomorrow - I had better get some sleep. Yawn.

I also have an afternoon meeting (2 hours) about retirement benefits - well, it's fun to dream about it.

What else - we're probably going to head out to the Zoo on Saturday. It's funny, we're members yet we hardly ever go. And it's really in our own backyard - one of the world's most famous Zoo's right here, and we never seem to take advantage of it. In fact, I hardly ever think to go there. Usually we go when we have out of town guests - you know, to show it off - but hardly for our own benefit - just for "fun". We have no agenda but to have fun. No rushing around. Just the family at the Zoo. If we want to sit and stare at the chimps for an hour, so be it. I think I'll let the kids decide what they want to see. Maybe have each select an area they are interested in. Being that Foster has suddenly taking a liking to all things map-related, we have a copy of the Zoo map - I think we'll look at it Friday night and talk about what there is to see.

Foster is actually excited to go. I wasn't sure he would be but he is. Cool.

Next post will be all about "crack".

Stay tuned...