Spring Cleaning and Summer plans.

Here at the Stein-White household our calendar is quickly filling up. As most of our good friends and family knows - if you don't "book" us early there's a good chance we will already have plans.

Let's see:
I've already cleaned out Foster's closets and drawers - my, my, my, the boy is getting tall. So much of his stuff went into the attic for the twins.

I've cleared out the twins' closet and drawers and got their stuff ready for our next garage sale.

I've gone thru every room and fearlessly cleaned out all the toys and crap that they don't play with anymore. Four huge black garbage bags full with stuff that they have yet to notice is gone. That feels really good. It's a pleasure now to clean up at night and they actually play with the stuff they have - I think they aren't overwhelmed now with toys.

I went thru my drawers and need to go thru my closets.

We had a "Deep Cleaning" of the house by our maids that come every other week. We had the carpets and furniture cleaned. Ohhhh, our carpets are so soft, and clean now!

The window blinds will be taken out and cleaned and waxed in a few weeks.

Now for our calendar plans:
This holiday weekend:
Foster starts semi-private swimming lessons tomorrow at his best friend's (Connor) house. They have a great pool and have found someone to come to the house for lessons for the two of them. This also means the mommies and maybe the twins can get some swim-time in as well.

Tomorrow is also Laura's mom's birthday so right after swim-lesson we're heading to her house for lunch and a visit.

Sunday - we have a Family Matters playgroup in the afternoon - should be really fun. Let the kids get some of that pent-up energy out. Then we're having company for dinner and games.

Monday (holiday) - I'm taking Foster and said best friend Connor to the movies. We plan to see "Over the Hedge". This will be Foster's first really real movie theater movie. He's beyond excited and has already put in his order of popcorn and candy. Perhaps I should just leave my wallet open and available at the ticket counter. Connor's parents have had Foster over to their house to play and swim so many times, we really want to return the favor. Then we'll probably have Connor over to our house for dinner or lunch if we go to an early show.

Other summer plans:

All the kids have new swimsuits so we want to put them to good use at our pool.

The San Diego County Fair is coming and we plan to go.

More playgroups.



The twins are being toilet-trained believe it or not. They are 2-months shy of 2 years old but they are so ready. And best of all, our super-wonderful daycare provider is doing the bulk of the training!

Foster is starting a new pre-school at the elementary school he'll be attending in the Fall. This new session starts June 5th and is kind of like a 3 month introduction to Kindergarten since it's on the grounds of the school he'll be attending.

The twins turn 2 on July 15th, we are planning a low-key small party with friends.

Foster turns 5 on Sept. 2nd and starts Kindergarten on Sept. 5th.

I think that's it for now. I know I'm missing something but you get the idea. We are busy!

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