Look for the Union Label (sing-along)

I don't think I mentioned I'm a union steward at my job. Well, I am. And because of that, the "higher-ups" at my agency tend to leave me alone since they truly dislike dealing with the union and anyone associated with it (well, everyone is union except for the management), well, the stewards mostly. So that's a plus. I also get pulled into meetings with my fellow co-workers when they need union representation - that's actually fun. I like "sticking up for the little guy/gal". There are 2 stewards in my agency of about 65 workers. I'm one of them.

My union wanted to send me to Los Angeles (all expenses paid!!!) to take part in this:

But we already had plans for that weekend and the next = we're taking a "Kindergarten Readiness" class with Foster to get him ready for the big day. And yes, my child is more important than the union.


littlefeet said...

as he should be... :)


Sonya said...

Wow, kindergarten already. Though we are right on the heels of you. It is just so hard to believe!

Laura said...

Sorry you have to miss the trip. Good for you though. It sounds like you're a really effective steward. We have such a lame duck union here, it's awful. And if anything management targets the stewards for the worst treatment.

And wow, kindergarten readiness, these kids are just growing up too quickly.

Daria de la Luna said...

I think it's great that they have a Kindergarten readiness class! J was a union steward, now she's in management. LOL!