Ears are fine...

...so now what? Logan had a dr. appt. this evening and apparently there is no ear infection. He will have the repeat hearing eval. in 6 weeks and we'll go from there. Hmmmmmm, don't know. It's good we don't have to do the anti-biotics but I wonder why he failed yet another hearing eval. He can hear, no doubt about that as he'll repeat what you say and he totally talks to us - he's using 3 and 4-word sentences. It's just his speech isn't as clear as Seth's.

All we can do now is wait - wait for the next hearing eval. Then, I guess we'll figure out what to do after that.


Laura said...

Did they say though if he had fluid build-up, even if there is no infection? Before Brendan's ear-tube surgery, he decreased hearing in both ears. He had had multiple infections, but the doctor also found thick fluid build-up in each ear, like glue he said. He removed all the fluid during the surgery and in each check-up since his surgery, he's had perfect hearing. The doctor said though he wouldn't have know that he had that kind of sludge as he called it in his ears without going in to look.

Sonya said...

Ditto what Laura said.

He doesn't have to actually have an infection.

It could be possible that he has fluid in his ears... even "clear" fluid hanging out for any period of time isn't good.

It could be that he has no fluid but his ear doesn't have the right pressure. Our ENT compares it to your ears popping when you fly. There is fluid in the eustation tube that isn't clearing and it is causing the un-balanced pressure... which can affect hearing.

Or it could be something totally different. That is just some of what we have experienced.

So many options...