The Light Bulb Theory

We must laugh at ourselves right?

By the way, I am an MSW (Master of Social Work - I rec'd my Masters degree way back in 1995 and have been burning the candle at both ends ever since). Enjoy!!!

How many social workers does it take to screw in a light bulb? Only one...but it depends on whether or not the LIGHT BULB wants to be changed.

How many...you get the idea. One: Can't really tell you why, it just feels right.

None, we've all done a course on coping with darkness.

Just one, but you need letters of support from community social service agencies.

Five. One to screw it in, three to form the support group, and one to help with placement.

None. MSWs don't have time to change light bulbs.

How many picketers of therapists does it take to change a light bulb? As many as the ACLU will defend pro bono.

None, it's not in our budget.

The light bulb doesn't need changing, it's the system that needs to change.

As many as managed care will allow.

None, it is no longer a reimbursable activity.

You must first define the measurable outcome you are trying to achieve and get approval from the Community Mental Health Board.

The LIGHT BULB must first fill out all the appropriate forms to determine eligibility for service.

You can't change the light bulb until we write a grant for federal funds to hire light bulb change specialists.

In managed care all light bulbs are changed within 24 hours whether they want to change or not.

Actually in managed care I think nurses rather than social workers are changing the light bulbs, and the idea is to change more of them faster to get them the Hell out of the hospital, except that when the nurses do it, they call it facilitating.

It doesn't matter anyway, they'll burn out.

It only takes one. But he/she has to go for supervision to an electrical engineer (multidisciplinary approach) in order to learn the theory of electricity.

We don't change light bulbs - we empower them to change themselves.

I have a question of clarification: Is this a generalist LIGHT BULB or a specialist LIGHT BULB? After all, we must fit the LIGHT BULB to the most qualified changer..........

...All of them. One to hold the bulb in place, the rest to incite revolution.

...I'll do it, but I have 172 other light bulbs to change first.

...Whatever happened to self-determination?

I wonder if social workers could agree theoretically on if the LIGHT BULB should be changed at all.

Newt might suggest the LIGHT BULB burned itself out and therefore doesn't deserve any help.

Only one; but they have to start where the LIGHT BULB is at.

Only one, but a BSW can do it cheaper.

Three - One to do the work, one to share the experience, and one to supervise and make sure that professional work is done.

No, not until after I consult my staff and the DSM-IV.

The answer is zero. MSWs no longer feel that they should change light bulbs.

I don't know. I'm still a BSW student, but I'll research it and write an analysis, a minimum of 15 pages, 10 references, professional journals only, APA (Fourth Edition) format, and have it to you before class on Friday!

None. If it is the light at the end of the tunnel, it actually isn't the bulb that's burnt out, management simply turned it off without telling us.

One hundred. One to change the light bulb and ninety-nine to handle the paperwork.

None; after all, it must begin to work within 2 years and only can be on for five years.

None. The light bulb is not burnt out; it's just differently lit.

None, it's not in my job description.

It only takes one, but only if someone else buys the light bulb, because we can't afford one on a social worker's salary!

Well that depends...is this LIGHT BULB on welfare? Because if it is, we can change it for 5 years, and then it's got to learn how to screw in newlight bulbs for itself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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