Has anyone seen my beauty sleep?

'Cause I ain't gettin' any!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


More often than not when we put the twins to bed (around 7-ish) Logan waits about 10 minutes and then throws everything out of his crib and stands up and cries for his beloved "Taggie" blankie. So we go in, give him his Taggie and tell him to go to sleep. This lasts about 10 minutes and the process (or GAME) repeats. Meanwhile Seth usually sleeps thru.

Then last night, Seth decided to play along and once Logan was asleep he woke up and cried. This was about 10:30 pm and right in the middle of watching "Munich". We tried to get him to go back to bed, but nope - he wasn't having any of that. He's quite the cuddle-boy so I held him out on the couch while we finished watching "Munich" together. Not quite "G" rated but whatever. Then at 11:30 I tried putting him back to bed but again - he was adament about getting more "mommy-holding-time". I held him some more - read e-mails, surfed a bit. My butt was getting numb and I couldn't stay awake any longer. But again, no bed he said. I finally relented and brought him into our bed only for Logan to wake up and start crying. After all, he wanted some "momy-holding-time" too. So Laura rocked him and I took Seth to bed.

At 1:30am I couldn't take it any longer - he was so restless - I put him in his bed and then wouldn't you know it? That damn alarm went off as planned at 5:15am.


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Sonya said...

Oh man! Long nights like this are so hard.

I remember when the girls would through all their items out of their crib and then cry for that most important item. For a short time, we ended up tying their blankies to a slat in the crib. it totally prevented them from throwing it overboard. But... their blankies are long enough to do that... and still have enough blankie remaining to satisfy them. I'm trying to think of a good and safe way to do it with a Taggie. Maybe you can come up with something. Good luck!