Can you hear me now?

Apparently not very well. A little history: Logan failed his first two newborn hearing evaluations, the ones they give newborns in the hospital before leaving to go home. At the time, the dr. didn't think much of it, perhaps there was some fluid in his ears or for some reason he didn't respond as well as they had wanted him to - but Seth passed his hearing eval. Then a week or so later we took him to the hospital for another two hearing tests which he also failed. We really thought he could hear though - he responded to loud noises. But they scheduled him for a B.A.E.R. test which is actually a hearing test that tests reaction in the baby's brainstem. He passed that. So we didn't worry much. But being moms of twins we have a built-in control = Seth's language. Seth's speech is (I think) quite a bit clearer than Logan's although Logan is speaking in more 3-word sentences - oh, they are 22 mos. old now. So, I wanted Logan to have another hearing eval. which he had today.

Apparently, one ear is okay (sorry, can't remember which, I think the left is fine) but the other one they think has fluid build-up and possibly an ear infection. However he is not pulling at the ear and there is no fever. They did a test where they put a probe in the ear and the eardrum didn't move as it was supposed to. Hmmmmmmm. Actually, Laura brought him to the appt. so all this is from memory of what she told me. So, now he has to see his ped. for an ear-check and get some anti-b's if there is an infection. Then he's to have another hearing eval. in 6 weeks to see if there is any hearing loss. Yikers. I sure hope it's just the ear infection but something in me is thinking there is more to just an infection. Neither twin has a history of multiple ear infections - or at least not many that we are aware of. For instance, we wouldn't have known or even remotely suspected an ear infection in Logan currently if it weren't for the hearing test today. I guess worst-case scenario (and anyone who knows me knows that's where I go all the time) is hearing aide(s). Best-case = infection is cleared up and all is good in his little world.

We shall see.


Casey said...

Oh no! Like you - I immediately go to worst case when it comes to my kids. I hope it is "just" an infection and that everything clears up perfectly.

For whatever it's worth - Kelton had a couple infections under age 2 that he never ran fevers with and never even cared when they blew air into his ear (or whatever they do). He also had a couple infections where his fevers raged (106.5 one time). So...I guess I'm trying to say that it can easily go either way.
Keep me posted.

Sonya said...

OH I so know ear infections and chronic ear problems.

I hope it is an infection and it is cleared up soon so the temponogram (sp?) comes out better next time.