What's up with doctors?? Rude, rude, rude...

Today I was at a local hospital doing a psycho-social intake on a new hospice patient. Then, per my usual M.O., I sat at the nurse's station to do my paperwork. This totally annoying doctor kept pushing her chair into mine making me have to re-do my paperwork. And this wasn't like the first time, she did it multiple times...almost as if to say "you're in my space and I'll make you realize it". Sheesh, sorry for breathing "Ms. I am holier than thou attitude doctor". I don't know, perhaps I reminded her of some long-lost relative she has a grudge against. OH, and excuse ME for asking for a paper clip to clip YOUR papers together, and YES, I think you should know where they are without asking a nurse to get one FOR you - you aren't THAT much above everyone.

Every once in a while I find a really good, informative doctor that really takes the time to talk with me about THEIR patient. But for the past few months it seems that all the doctors care about it getting the information to you in the shortest amount of time available. Now, I totally realize that they are probably busier than they need to be but when you sit down to look up crap on Google (yes, I can see it) then you have the time to be nicer to me.

I'm not your servant, and no, I don't have all the answers but I will work my hardest to find out what you need to know.

Anyway, that was my rant of the day...I still prefer to talk with the nurses, they seem to know what's going on way more than the doctors (who usually defer to the nurses anyway). After all, I'm just there trying to help a family and patient, trying to make YOUR job easier...it would nice to be treated with a bit more respect.

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Tanya said...

Too funny because R keeps bitching about his boss and how he can't wait to get through school and I keep telling him, you know you'll have to deal with jerky Dr.s too, but he insists it will be different. I guess because the Dr's only stay for a minute and then get out of your face and there are other people to bitch with.