Countdown - SIX months from today!

In six months time...July 11th, we will all (Laura, myself, the 3 boys, my mom) be on the Norwegian Cruise Line on the rFamily Vacation Cruise to Alaska!!!

I'm beyond excited...this is a total T.O.A.L. (Trip Of A Lifetime) for us. We'll be celebrating our 10th anniversary (which is July 4th) and my 40th b-day (April 13) this year so why not go all out and celebrate?!?

Anyway, as I speak, my mom is making all the flight arrangements. We are flying into Seattle, WA the day before the cruise departs - we want to be all rested and ready to board on the 11th of July.

I've always wanted to see Alaska...that's one of my top 3 places I want to visit in my lifetime, this is our chance. Foster is very excited - we've told him we're "going on a BIG boat to Alaska", I don't think he really understands it just yet. I'll have to order some videos/books in preparation.

And best of all, this is a cruise that I've been wanting to go on since it's inception. I can't think of a better way to celebrate being with "family" than an rFamily cruise!!!!!!!!!!


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Timmy's Girl said...

I am excited for you!! I bet the pics on the blog once you get back will be so cool..so, I am looking forward to it, too.