Signs I'm tired and need a break...and message to ANITA!

Got home from work early but I was doing work still, and more work...

So, I thought about a mini-break and started folding laundry - I know I'm tired because I just spent 7 minutes (okay, I was watching Ellen as I folded, and I timed it) trying to unbutton a SNAP.

You just can't unbutton a SNAP, I think it goes against the laws of physics.

Oh, and Anita my dear friend - I did call my Dr. and no, I don't have a brain tumor!!! ;-) My optic nerves are fine - both the eye Dr. and my G.P. stated the same thing - just so happens that at the magic age of 40, it's actually common (per my G.P.) for people's near-sightedness to get better as the far-sightedness stays the same or gets worse (that's what happened to me). I'm sure my dr. has now stuck a bright, neon orange label on my chart which reads "HYPOCHONDRIAC - PROCEED WITH CAUTION".

But you know I love ya!

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Anonymous said...

I'm sure I'll get some sort of orange label on my chart saying "freaks out constantly"!