I have found the Fountain of Youth...somehow...

I went for an eye exam today (thankfully back with Kaiser - I really love those folks - didn't like Scripps). Anyway, the last time I had an exam was in June of 2007. I got new glasses at that time as my Rx changed - for the worse. My left eye is pretty bad but my right is semi-okay.

Anyway, about 6 to 8 mos. ago I noticed that every time I wore my glasses I started to not feel well, got dizzy, felt "unwell". So, over the past 6 to 8 mos. I started to wear my glasses less and less until I really only wore my Rx sunglasses which are about 2 years old - okay, I did NOT wear them inside...

So, at today's appt. I explained my above symptoms to the dr. thinking that in a year and a half since my last appt., my eyesight has probably gotten progressively worse, hence why my current glasses make me feel dizzy, etc. I told her I actually feel better when I'm NOT wearing my glasses.

Afer a few tests...and re-tests...and then a re-test of the re-test, she remarked that my eyesight is actually better now than it has been in about 5 years! My current glasses are more than twice as strong as I need and I feel ill wearing them because my eyes are trying to over-compensate the over-compensation - constantly. When I wear them and read, my focus changes rapidly. AHA! My right eye is about 20/20 now and my left has improved greatly. So much that my new Rx is more than half the strength of my old glasses. In fact, she recommended that if I don't want to, I can leave my glasses off for reading!


She said that she hasn't seen it happen many times but it CAN happen.

HA! Better eyesight with age. This year I hit the BIG "4-0" so I was convinced bi-focals were on my horizon - looks like I get to pick out a really cute pair of single-vision glasses!!!


Timmy's Girl said...

What a blessing!!!

I went to the doctor recently feeling like my hearing had also worsened, only to find it had improved as well...although, it is still not enough for me to have noticed..I will take what I can get, although I am finding that I may need to learn sign language sooner than later!

Timmy's Girl said...

p.s. I am also a big Kaiser fan. I remember you singing their praises when I first switched to them from Sharp back in 2004, and I have not regretted it once...not even when I almost have to share a room in recovery from having a baby. It is nice to not have to wait forever for an appt., or to get seen once I arrive.