We were in the "Top 10"

For those of you new to our scene, our family was in a very amazing music video last year. I entered a "casting call" and we were selected as one of the families in a hip-hop video.

Seems I didn't realize it but the video made it to the "Top 10" in the LOGOonline video selection (LOGO is part of MTV).

Anyway, click here to view us again if you wish, it's Melange Lavonne's video "Gay Parenting: AKA "I've Got You". Latest word is that the video is still going strong, gaining popularity and "we" are being shown all over the world.

Totally fun...memories for a lifetime and a message for our kids that they are the best blessings we have ever received.

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Linda said...

I watched this first on Holly's blog, and now again here....
Glad to "meet" you!
The song carries a very powerful message..seriously it brought tears to my eyes.
You have a very beautiful family, as do all those shown in the video.
You are blessed, and I send my love to all of you!