Drumroll please...

The answer to where these 3 objects were found:

one matchbox car
one mickey mouse magnet
one tube of chapstick

was in the VCR tape slot.

Not quite as interesting as a floor vent (!) - we don't have any of those, but nonetheless still odd. Yes, we got all the items out and of course Foster blamed it one his little brothers (but honestly, I do believe him...).


'MOMMY SALAMI' said...

OK, this was my first guess, because I have found some interesting stuff in there, but thought to myself...not many people even have VCR's anymore, I will go with my gut next time. Think there will be a next time? ;0)

momtothreeboys said...

We still have multiple VCR's - mostly because we still have old tapes. Unfortunately, I think, there will be a "next time".

Laura said...

Isn't that what VCRs are there for? LOL