How did December get here already?

Good grief, I blink and the month goes by.

I'm done with my one class, just have to wait for my grade and then proceed to get my certification. I'm gonna do it this time. Then of course, I have to look around for a job. Good news is that I'm solid in my current position, so I don't "have to" find another position RIGHT NOW. I can take my time and look.

I've already looked and the market seems a bit saturated - either that or school social work positions are scarce. Regardless, eventually, I'm sure, a position will open up for me - and from what I can tell, salaries are GREAT...really!

So, it's December and the official "stressing out" is in full swing. It seems lately I've been stressing about, well, just about everything. Like, I'm behind on my programs I've TiVo'd; I haven't finished my holiday shopping (well, except for Hanukkah, I'm done with that); I haven't been keeping up in my reading of the various magazines I get (don't look beside my bed); my "To Do" list is so not "T'done" - it's huge; and so on. You get the idea. I was just talking with my office-mate about how really stressed we are this year - what is it? I dunno. I just know I am.

Gotta remember to breathe!

Speaking of said office-mate, I just remembered a funny thing she told me. She has two kids, the oldest being the same age as my twins (age 3). She told me she can no longer go to Hillcrest - Hillcrest is our predominately gay part of town. And rightly so, there are tons of rainbow flags all over. She was there with her kids (she's not gay) and her 3 year old stated "Look mommy, FAGS" (meaning he couldn't quite say FLAG). Well, yeah, it's true, she was totally embarrassed, I thought it was totally funny - and NO, I was so not offended.

Out of the mouth of babes and all that...


Laura said...

OMG, that is just too funny, lol!!

rae said...

that is flipping hilarious!!!
love hillcrest!