Going Global?

Every once in a while I check my stats to see "who" is visiting me and from where. In the beginning of my blogging experience I used to check regularly but now I don't. I decided to check today and in just the past 3 days, I've gotten my usual hits...but these as well:

Oceania/Australasia (Guam)


Moscow City, Moscow

Vitria, Brazil

Jawa Barat, Jakarta (Indonesia)

Campania, Naples and Verona - Italy

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Helsinki, Finland

I only went back a few days - it's like the "Amazing Race" - (Heck, YES, I'm rooting for Kate and Pat you go girls! and I'm also oddly attracted to Kynt and Vyxsin (the Goth couple)) on my blog. Interesting.

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