Quiz for parents of kids aged 7 and under...

Q: The following 3 items were found together where (someplace they shouldn't be)?
(hint: no, NOT in a bodily cavity - ick):

one matchbox car
one mickey mouse magnet
one tube of chapstick

Please answer with your best guess.

Good Luck!


gabrielle said...

I'm going to guess down the toilet because that is billy's new fascination. Just saw you tagged me, will try find time to do it, right now any computer time I should be writing my thesis not playing on blogs but I am really up for any distraction

Laura said...

Oh dear, I can't even imagine. But I think Gabrielle had a good guess with the toilet. If it was my child, it would definitely be a bodily orifice, lol.

'MOMMY SALAMI' said...

I have been pondering, and pondering, but can't come up with anything creative. You would think with 5 kids, I would have some ideas, right? Best guess is garbage disposal. Gotta love boys!

Sonya said...

How about a floor vent!?!?!?!?

And... don't let girls fool ya. :)