Research Time!

Somehow, and I’m not sure exactly how – we received a postcard announcing a new clinical research study currently being conducted by our local Children’s Hospital for kids with eczema. One of the twins, Logan has had a touch of eczema for quite a long time. We’ve used mostly OTC creams and such, never anything that was an Rx. Sometimes the creams worked, sometimes not. And, Logan’s case of eczema isn’t at all as bad as some other cases I’ve seen.

Regardless, he was selected to take part in a 4-week double-blind (meaning we don’t know and the doctor doesn’t know) study for a new eczema cream.

There are 4 visits he has to go to and we have to apply this cream two times per day. And then he (we!) will receive $200.00 in compensation. But, best would be if the cream really works and his eczema improves. Too bad we probably won’t find out which cream he is using.

And no, there will be no blood-draws, injections or any other painful procedures done (otherwise I probably wouldn’t have done it).

Let the testing begin!


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Sonya said...

Oh I HOPE the cream works! Too bad you won't know what it was.