Second Full Day - at sea

We spent July 12th cruising the "Inside Passage"

I think this was the day Laura and I attended an art auction. After a few glasses of champagne, we bid on (and won) an original Peter Max painting of the Statue of Liberty, it should arrive at our doorstep in a month or so. We have a very special place in our new house reserved just for the painting - right over the fireplace.

*ETA: the link above is an example of one in the series that we bought, not the exact same painting. Oh, and heck no, we didn't pay that much but it's nice to see an increase in value of his paintings.

This is also the first day we enrolled the boys in "Kids Camp at Sea". Well, I take that back, the first day we enrolled them Foster protested and screamed and cried so badly we had to take him back out. After a few hours alone with Bubbe and a day to calm down we tried again the next day...the boys were all hooked! They actually requested, and begged to go. Logan and Seth were in the younger kids camp and Foster enjoyed his time with the "older" kids. The camps were very well run and they always were doing fun stuff with the kids. They went almost every day and towards the end of the cruise we got smart and fed them dinner beforehand and then dropped them off at camp and we (the adults) got to eat in peace. Don't get me wrong, we spent so much family time together that I think the kids really wanted to go to camp to "escape us" and be with pint-sized people.

Tomorrow, we're off to Ketchikan!

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