Ketchikan - Day 3

First port-stop is Ketchikan...LOVED IT!!! I figured out that I really love Alaska. I'm someone who really prefers the cooler weather and this was just perfect. Now, I'm not saying I'd love it in the middle of the winter but for the summer it was just perfect. The kids by this point were pretty comfortable with "boat-living" and were just as excited to be able to get off the boat. We all did a tour on a "Bus that turns into a boat". The boys thought it was the coolest thing ever (well, and so did the moms).
Logan and Seth sleeping on sofa bed in the cabin

Arriving in downtown Ketchikan


rFamily Boat decorations

Pool Area

"Bears Rule"

"Give a Bear a Hug"

The boat (well, half of it) from the dock

Typical Alaskan homes, I for one wouldn't want the daily trip up that staircase to the yellow door

We spotted a bald eagle on our "Duck Tour" from the water

The Bus/Boat

What a view...

Fun nightly Towel Animals

We concluded this day-trip with some awesome shopping in Ketchikan. I actually picked up a few pieces of jewelry "Made in Alaska" - really!
Next stop, Juneau and Sawyer Glacier...


Tanya said...

Beautiful! Those houses remind me of my trip to New Hampshire, so sweet. And how in the world did you get a pic of the pool area within NO ONE around? Your trip is our dream trip, with a stop inland for northern lights.

momtothreeboys said...

Hahaha, did you notice the long sleeves and fleece jackets?? It was quite chilly that day...but nonetheless, there were usually kids in the pools...this was just the time that almost all were leaving the ship to go onshore. Yes, the houses are beautiful in their own special way...I loved it.