Day 5 - Skagway, Birthdays and ship shots

On this day we "landed" in Skagway, Alaska. What a quiet, sleepy, cool town. Loved it. I sense a theme here...needless to say, I really loved Alaska. On this day, Logan and Seth turned 5 years old. They were so proud of themselves to be able to cross off the "4" on their camp wristband and write a "5". Too cute! We had a party in the cabin with a cake and decorations that was ordered for them by their Godmom, Amy. We also did promise them a trip when we got home to Toys R Us to get Guitar Hero for the boys - and yes, they did eventually get it (and I admit, it's fun!).

Now the pictures!

Downtown Skagway
More of downtown...fun shopping!

Us in front of a totem pole, not sure why Seth is frowning...oh well. And I do love all my kids but good grief, that shot of Foster is just too perfect. Looks like he's modeling or something...he's a keeper (okay, they ALL are).
which was a 3-hour train trip for about 20 miles that actually went into Canada. Amazing opportunities for pictures.
Foster on the train.




Mommy Laura (I was there too, I just always forget to have a picture taken of me...)

Climbing some 3000 feet

Beautiful Alaska

Going into the tunnel (the boys favorite part)

At the international border

Various flags at the border

Happy Birthday Logan and Seth!

Before the cruise, rFamily sent out a request for ideas for "Theme Nights" - hundreds entered and my idea - "Dress as your Favorite Cereal Character" came in #2! I won! For my "efforts" we all won rFamily t-shirts...at the prices they charged for them, for all 6, we saved over $200 than if we purchased them ourselves!

Leaving Skagway

Deck 10...our home away from home for the week...we got lots of exercise walking up and down these hallways multiple times per day. The kids thought they were so much fun to RUN up and down...multiple times per day

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