Day 6 - Coming Soon!

No fears, I shall continue! Just busy, busy.
Tomorrow we're going to enroll the boys in our new school district...now that I have ALL the forms. Taking the day off tomorrow with Laura and my mom to do that and to do a bit more "back to school/new house/get ready for housewarming party" shopping!

Oh, and I'm finally setting up my new aquarium! I have a gift card to Petco that I'll use tomorrow as well...have to decide on an aquarium theme...very fun! It's been soooo long since I had an aquarium (think COLLEGE) that I'm really looking forward to it. Hey, it's a nice introduction to the care of animals (okay, fishies) for the kids before we adopt our dog (maybe October - at a local "Adopt-A-Thon").

Big 'ole housewarming coming up Sept. 5th...lots to do. Foster turns 8 on Sept. 2nd...Laura and I will be taking him and his BFF to Soak City for the day...just the two of them - no twin brothers!

Work is going well...I love it still - it will be a year in October...hard to believe...until I get my memo to re-take my CPR class...ewwww.

Laura and I saw "Julie and Julia" - very good movie, I really enjoyed it. Next up "District 9"...and "Wicked" this Sunday night.

Guess that's about it for this mini-update. Oh, tonite, I went to lay down with Seth - he is my "cuddle boy" for sure...that kid loves to cuddle. Anyway, we lay down on his bed (thankfully the bottom bunk!) and I say "I love you" and he replies "I REALLY love you mommy". So sweet that kid (okay all of them are but this was especially sweet tonite).

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Tanya said...

LOL!!! Thank goodness I read this or I would have showed up at your house tomorrow. I knew it was the first weekend of Sept but for some reason I kept thinking that was this weekend. When I read 9/5 I thought "that can't be this weekend it's only the 26th"