Day 4 - Juneau and Sawyer Glacier

This was our 4th day. We started to feel a bit more comfortable in knowing our way around the ship altho with our (Laura and I) really poor sense of direction (don't ever let us join "The Amazing Race") we still got lost. Speaking of "The Amazing Race", one of the past season's contestants Kynt and Vyxsin were on our cruise as well and it was a blast seeing them around the ship hanging out...actually there were a number of "stars" on the cruise...

Anyway, on this day we arrived in Juneau...loved it!!! We also went on an excursion to see Mendenhall Glacier...what an opportunity...

Arriving in Juneau
First stop, a salmon hatchery...those are thousands of salmon

They all make their way "upstream" here (see pictures for them to follow) to spawn and die...oh well, such is the life of a salmon

Arriving at Mendenhall Glacier and the Visitor Center

Boys getting the chance to touch a "real live" piece of glacier ice

Explanation of Glacial Ice - WOW, that's some old ice there!

Picture Review

Mendenhall Glacier - it's bigger than you can imagine...goes on for miles and miles

A bit closer...

This is one big glacier but they did explain that it is melting faster than it can freeze...damn global warming....

At the Visitor's Center - Laura and boys pretending to be "Bears on the Wall"

View from our room after we left Juneau

On our balcony, coming up to icebergs...

Check out that water color...that is nature in it's pure form

Seals on icebergs as we float on by...it was so amazing to glide past the icebergs...so quiet...all you heard was the crackling of the ice...sounds like ice in a glass of water

More seal families...they appeared to be quite interested in our ship

A larger view

And that concludes day 4. This was also the day that unfortunately, at some time during "turn down time" (when the cabin stewards come in to turn down your beds) that Laura's wallet was stolen out of our cabin. We discovered it when we came back to our cabin after dinner. We usually were quite careful to put everything away in the safe when we left but for whatever reason (namely 3 boys)...that didn't happen and her wallet was mistakenly left out on the desk. Of course we notified security and they searched the cabin but nothing was found...nor was it EVER found. We truly believe it now lives at the bottom of the ocean and some cabin steward pocketed our cash. As distressing at this event was, we were determined not to let it ruin our vacation. We pulled it together and figured that we would take it up with the cruise line after we returned home...and we are in the process of doing that now. We have since sent letters to NCL (cruise line), rFamily Vacations, and about 4 or 5 other governmental agencies that track these things. We asked for some money back and hope to see something positive come out of this.
Next stop...Skagway...and Logan and Seth's 5 Birthday!

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