Before and After...

Before: Ugly sliding glass door - oh and still carpet in living room

After: beautiful new door (I think it's called a "4-panel door" or something like that) and a peek at the wood (laminate) floors...so happy we decided to go with the laminate.

I hope to be done soon with all the landscaping we're having done. We're having a retaining wall put in on one side of the house (complete with laying of rebar, concrete, and all that jazz) and a few fixes on the fence. Our new grass looks so inviting...ahhhh.... And I must add that I adore our landscaping guy...he's really, REALLY good and really, REALLY afordable...there's more about why but I can't post that here...but I would totally recommend his company.

Okay, off to bed...well soon...have work to do first...(oh, and keep reading below...)

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MommyNay said...

looks BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!