Moving Right Along...

So, we now have a water supply to our soon-to-be-delivered fridge...we HAD to get a counter-depth fridge (don't ask) which if you don't know is about 5 cubic feet smaller than a "standard" fridge but $500 MORE. Yeah, makes sense I know! Anyway, because of the way our kitchen is laid out we have a door (which BTW, I LOVE having a door in the kitchen - so breezy) and the spot for the fridge is next to that, so we needed a counter-depth to fit. Oh well, it is what it is...and what it is, is a fantastic stainless french-door LG fridge....ahhhhh...

Pool handle in and pool-cleaning person coming today. Installation of pool fence and solar cover happening (hopefully) today or early next week. LOVE the pool!

Patio furniture has been purchased and assembled by Laura (thanks sweetie!) - yay!

Blinds are up (no longer living in a fishbowl)and home alarm has been installed.

We're already getting mail at our new place (which we don't move into until the 13th) and we're getting some awesome "Welcome to the Neighborhood" coupons for all kinds of free stuff...gotta love free stuff.

Met our neighbors - they are so nice. Apparently our neighbor to the left - Chris has a few kids (seems like one may be Foster's age) and a dog (something mean-ish looking like a pit-bull or something? but they do have a few kids so it seems like a nice dog - tail wagging at me - the whole bit) but still we've told the kids that by NO means do you stick your fingers thru the fence at the dog. After our cruise and after we settle in we'll be getting our pooch at the pound...Laura knows what she wants so we'll be on the lookout.

Also met Stefan (sp?) he lives 2 doors down and has a BIG 'ole German Shepard that is VERY scary looking but OMG, the nicest dog EVER! He claims that the dog is the block's "warning alarm" - good to know! On our other side to the right is _______ (forgot his name) but when he walked over to us the first words out of his mouth were "Oh good, NORMAL neighbors!!!" LOL, we asked him how he knew we were normal! He gave us a brief run-down of the block and it's history. Also, he let us know about the short-cut to the hiking trails about 3 blocks away!

Met our mailman - Gary - he's a really nice guy. He welcomed us to the 'hood. He did let us know that we made a great decision to move there!!! Yay!

So there we are, "moving" right along (no pun intended). Tomorrow is also delivery of our washer and dryer (high-efficiency and both are front-loaders) and pedestals to put them on.

Oh and we now have phone jacks and a new phone #. Cable tv and internet to be installed on the 15th, after we move in the tv's and computer.

Move Date = Saturday June 13th 8:00am. Wish us luck!

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