Okay, let's just barter

So, we have stuff to get rid of (the carpet we took up in the living room, an old tv (we bought some new flat screen ones that we mounted on the walls, a really old VCR, etc.) and our landscaping guy always has new ideas...so we decided to just barter some stuff and get another set of sprinklers (in a planter box near the pool), a security door hung, and a bit more landscaping...AND best of all, we get to get rid of stuff that we were just going to put on Craigslist for cheap. And he gets stuff that he can sell, use or donate.

It works for everyone involved and I think it's a good system...if used correctly. Yeah, like in the "good 'ole days".

Whohoo! 3-day weekend ahead! And our exciting plans include...what else...but...unpacking the garage now...aren't you jealous?

But see...at least our books are put away...

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