Got Grass?

No, not that kind...

This kind...



And altho you can't see it, the grass continues behind the shade structure. Isn't sod wonderful? Instant backyard. We had some of the concrete slabs taken up since there is so much more area to the left of the picture (around the pool) and we wanted more grassy areas. We also had our front lawn done (I have to remember to snap a picture during the day and post it later on) and sadly we had our palm tree taken out as well - for various reasons. One, it was a date-producing palm and dropped hundreds of dates all over the front lawn, another reason was it was really too close to the house and roots and slabs don't like each other, and finally, the flowers it produces for the dates attract bees. So, bye-bye palm tree.

We had an underground sprinkler system installed as well - both front and backyards...so no more forgetting to water it! And because here in Southern CA we are in such a restricted area as to how much water can be used for landscaping, the sprinkler system is developed so that after the first 10 days of our sod being put down, the sprinklers will go off for just ONE minute every other day. That's it, just one minute. They were developed for just this type of region where water restrictions exist.

Everything else is coming along. We sold Logan and Seth's toddler beds and now they sleep in Foster's old bunk beds. They transitioned really well. I'm loving the front-loading washer and dryer...not loving putting anyway everything. I love our french door fridge, not loving the fact that it's counter-depth (makes it 5 cubic feet smaller than a "normal" fridge) but it is what it is. Totally loving the pool and our solar cover - ahhhhh - not loving having to get out! ;-) I'm also loving having Cox cable TV - I've totally been missing out on "Movies on Demand"... Oh, we also put down laminate (wood) in the living room/dining room...totally loving that especially after ONE dinner of pasta with red sauce...'nuf said.

Our goal is to have the house totally put away by the time we leave for vacation. We fly up to Seattle on July 10th and the cruise leaves on the 11th. I really think we can meet our goal. I really did not want to come home to a house that is still in chaos.

Now, chores are done, time to catch up on some TiVo'd crap.

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Tanya said...

Perfect size grass, easy to take care of. I hate our yard! And we recently removed two very large Queen Palms. I stressed about it, but becuase of thier 'stupid' location you don't even notice their gone. :)