This was way more fun than going to the dentist...

Foster's school had a "Multi-Cultural Fair" this afternoon/evening. We took all the kids and had a great time.

We visited the book sale (spent too much); watched adorable kids sing and dance; the kids ate hot-dogs; AND we bid on several baskets at the Silent Auction. We reasoned that it was a fundraiser, so for about $150.00 we won 4 baskets. Not surprisingly, Laura bid on (and won) the "Italian Dinner Basket" (which we didn't realize it at the time but it included a $20 gift certificate to Panera (yum)) - and the "Beach Fun Basket". I bid on and won the two 'art' baskets, the "Be An Artist" and the "Summer Art and Activities" basket. I've included pictures of Foster and Seth (Logan was elsewhere in the house) and the baskets. I also scanned the descriptions of each basket so you can see what our goodies are!

Now I have to find places for everything and restrain myself from playing with the Magic Rocks and the Crayola Color Explosion Spinner!!!

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