Have I forgotten to mention...

...that I'm in between jobs right now?

I left my previous position with the County because the agency I worked for, well, lets put it this way --- the agency did not do a good enough job in supporting it's employees. There's lots more to the story but that's the biggest reason. Besides, after 7 years, it was time to move on. Honestly, I was bored, literally bored to tears. The position I entered was previously vacant for about a decade. I re-shaped it and brought it up to speed. Well, that was completed about 5 years ago. Ever since then I have been wanting to get out but didn't have the chance. But I did now, so I jumped, I leaped, I took a giant leap of faith that something better is out there for me.

I've applied a few places and I'm waiting to hear back. In the meantime, I just received my final "official" certificate for my clear teaching credential for a school social worker, so I've applied for a few of those positions. Currently, the twins still go to daycare and Foster is in school. This time alone affords me the time I need to look for a new job and to take care of all the things that need taking care of.

I've considered the possibility that right now, perhaps I should stay home with the kids. Hmmmmm. I've never done that (I've always worked, right up to either delivery (Foster)or mandatory bedrest (twins)). The idea intrigues me. I guess that would be something we'd have to decide on as a family - to see if that would work. But right now, I'm searching for a position that's a better fit, one that challenges me and utilizes all my abilities. I didn't have that before.


Now on to our regularly scheduled programming...

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