And just in case you thought I wasn't doing anything...

...I have an 11:00 appointment with my dentist to start a root canal.

Don't get me started. My mouth has cost me thousands of dollars in the past few years. A few months ago I had a REPEAT root canal on a pre-molar. Yup, two root canals on the SAME tooth. That wasn't fun. Ever since then I have had continuous discomfort. Over this past weekend, the discomfort got kicked up a notch. I was convinced that root canal # 2 failed - again. I was convinced I had to have it extracted. In fact I was planning on that. I went back to the different oral surgeon who did the repeat root canal only to find out that the pain/discomfort is coming from the molar BEHIND it. Oh fun.

Well, I guess that's better than having a tooth extracted (ick), but another root canal will be started today. They are actually squeezing me in at 11, but my dentist (who is the BEST dentist ever!) is, well, how shall I put it --- a slow, careful professional. So when they tell me my appt. is at 11, I expect to not even be in the chair until 11:30 and then get the first shot by noon and then maybe see him at 12:30. At least I'm prepared.

I'm just glad I'll be getting some good pain relief.

Updates later!


Tanya said...

Good luck in which ever adventure you choose.

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