Fair Food

Every year we go to The County Fair and this year is no different. We haven't selected a date yet but tickets will be purchased soon.

The following few items of "new food" are a must-taste this year, don't you think???

New Food:

Charlie's Chicken on the Concourse: Deep-fried White Castle sliders, deep-fried frog legs, rotisserie chicken, tabouleh, chicken & waffles, and deep-fried SPAM®

Midway Diner in Plaza de Mexico: Deep-fried Macaroni & Cheese on a Stick, Koolickle (a dill pickle marinated in Kool-Aid)

-------Spam is bad enough but deep-fried? And the deep-fried Mac & Cheese (ewww) and the "Koolickle"??? Who comes up with these things??? I remember when the deep-fried Twinkies were all the rage - it was pretty disgusting. But, the Fair is THE place to try all new foods, so some of this must be tasted...


Sonya said...

Hmmm... some yummy sounding options and then there are some that make my stomach turn.

You might be surprised by the deep fried mac & cheese! That actually looks the most promising to me. Of course you can't leave out corn dogs and funnel cakes! :)

I need to stop thinking about food and eat lunch!

Tanya said...

I love Fair Food. J actually might like the fried mac & cheese and spam, or Ryan, lol. The pickle just sounds gross. I think I'll stick with my old favs. Tasti Chips.

Tanya said...

Here were two of my favs from the "new" list

HDS on the Avenue: Deep fried cream cheese on a stick

Funnel Cake near Bing Crosby Hall: Fudge Puppie (baked pastry on a stick dipped in chocolate and topped with whipped cream

Daria de la Luna said...

I must tell you, I've had fried mac & cheese and it rocks! If the mac & cheese is tangy enough, that is. Otherwise, bleah! What I can't get over is the fried White Castles!!! How bizarre. I've heard of those Koolickles and I think the key part of that word is "ick." Of course, I don't like sweet pickles anyway.