Has anybody seen my routine?

'Cause I think I've misplaced it for the past, oh, FOUR weeks...

Foster has been on 'winter break' for FOUR weeks. School starts up again tomorrow. The poor boy won't know what hit him.

He goes to a "Year-Round School". Which, in theory, I love, but man, these breaks are killers! It's not like he has no place to go - let's see...over the past 4 weeks at his day program (the same "before and after" school program has been open full days during break) - he's gone to the Zoo, ice-skating and the movies. The walking trip to the bookstore was cancelled due to rain and he elected not to go to the pizza restaurant for lunch (strange child). This is not to mention the "PNO" (Parents Night Out) where he got to stay 'til 11pm and watch movies and eat crap. Oh wait, that was fun for us as well...

Anyway, what I was getting at was that during the school year when he's in school regular days, my days are a bit easier. I know what to expect (almost) at school. My new work hours will have me off work at 4:00pm and picking him up by 4:15. That will give us an hour to work on homework before Logan and Seth come home. During breaks, we try to do "homework" but nothing really beats the stuff that the teacher sends home. I look forward to him having his regular days back - and papers home, projects to do, fund-raisings to partake him, and oh yeah, PTA meetings.

So, tomorrow it is, first day back.


Oh - about the year-round school deal - for those of you who don't understand it - well, sometimes neither do I honestly. The school across the street can be on a "Traditional" schedule and ours is on a "Year-round" schedule. This also means that when the Traditional schools are out for summer, my kid continues on, until almost the end of July. Then he gets 6 weeks off for summer break, vs. the 11 weeks the Traditional kids get. I honestly believe that it's a good system. I think they retain more knowledge, esp. over the summer. I mean 11 weeks seems like a very looooooong time. I can do okay with 6 weeks.

But, still looking forward to tomorrow - new backpack and all.


Sonya said...

Routine is GOOD! Good for us all. :)

Casey said...

Wow - i am So far behind in your blog. How did that happen? Look at you blogging so often. I'm off to catch up. How's the new bed? How is Foster adjusting back to school?

gabrielle said...

I hear you on the routine, we are just ending 6 weeks of summer break and harriet (and I) really need the routine of term time back. I think NZ must work on a similar schedule we have 4 terms of nine 0r ten weeks with two weeks off in between 1$2, 2$3 and 3&4 than 6 weeks off over summer.
Hope life settles down

Sonya said...

Have you found your routine over the past couple of weeks?