Without even trying, I’ve actually answered some of my “placeholder” comments/topics from 1/4/08. Hmmmmm, covered Laura’s birthday and dinner, Foster’s school break – and the bed. The BED.

Love it. It’s a bit higher than our old waterbed but OMG, the storage! It has one of those openings at the foot of the bed that goes clear thru to the head of the bed. You know, for your skis, your surfboard, a small child (did I just say that? Just kidding). Since we have no skis or surfboards (but we do have 3 small children) we’ve elected to store extra blankets, pillows, etc. there. Then each side of the bed has 3 very deep drawers. Our old bed had two drawers on each side that were about half as deep as these. Needless to say, I’m slowly filling them up, and with Seth’s help last night we filled one and a half. And good thing he didn’t question what he was “helping” me put in there ‘cause they were, ummmm, of the “feminine nature”. There is also storage in the headboard. Gotta love storage – I mean where else would be put all our crap? Yeah, this still doesn’t change the fact that I have to purge some crap but at least it’s not in my closet anymore.

So, just some after pictures – we sold the waterbed and comforters on CraigsList. Excellent. And thanks to my wonderful partner’s excellent financial expertise and savings, the bed is paid for – and I tell ya, it wasn’t cheap (read more than $1300) – crazy how much we spent for our “sleeping system” including the Tempur-Pedic mattress – which was almost as expensive as the bed. But, I would never, ever go back to an inner-spring mattress and boxspirng. I highly recommend the Tempur-Pedic mattress, and no, I’m not working for them.

So there you have it. Bed – triple love it!

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'MOMMY SALAMI' said...

I love it! I have to admit that I have been waiting for the post about the bed (I have been checking your site everyday, anxiously). It looks so cool! I love the pink satin comforter, by the way. We are praying for some cash to fall from the sky so we can convert to the tempur-pedic, too. I have been hearing lots of good things. I must also admit that I am jealous that you have all that storage now. L U C K Y !