Where can I find some snow?

My 6 y.o. is desperately seeking snow. The real stuff, not the fake, icy stuff they spray on the ground at the Wild Animal Park but real, falling from the sky snow.

Don't mean to brag (hahahahahaha) but I'm not evening wearing a jacket during the day - kinda nice on a daily basis not having to worry about having a jacket but kinda worrisome on a global level.

Anyway, short of going to a ski resort, any ideas where to find snow that's not more than a few hours drive from Southern CA?? We just want to play around for a bit and then come home to our warm neighborhood.

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Sonya said...

We've had snow for a while and it isn't going anywhere soon. Unfortunately it has been too cold for the kids to go out and play... too dangerous with the low low temps we've had this past week.

But... we live more than a few hours from you. Sorry!

I'm not a jacket person either, not that I *shouldn't* be wearing one. :)