Cruise Fund AND Bed Fund

My, aren't we a "fun" family around here, setting up all our "funds".

Well, on the "yay" front, we did receive the $200.00 for Logan's clinical trial in the excema study. That money got plunked right into our bed fund. Buy hey, who am I to disregard $200? AND, we did get some answers to Logan's excema and an Rx too.

Tuesday is B-Day - no not a birthday, Bed Day - boy, I really need to get out more...

I can't wait.

Not that sleeping on our Tempur-Pedic on the floor is uncomfortable, it's not. I just hate getting up in the morning, uggggg, that first morning rise. 10" off the floor. Well, Tuesday it is. Just one more night on the floor.

I'm also totally looking forward to all the storage the bed has. In the meantime, all the junk that was in the storage under the waterbed is taking up much valued real estate in my closet. I want it out and under the bed where it belongs!

Tomorrow is Martin Luther King, Jr. Day - which means that even though Foster still isn't back at school (year-round school, they are STILL freakin' out on Winter Break - well 'til Tuesday), his before and after school program is open all day, so he's going there. Our wonderful neighbor/daycare provider is open so Logan and Seth are going there. Both Laura and I have off of work, sooooo, guess where we're going?



We know how to live it up I tell ya.

Well, okay, we are going out for breakfast...

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Sonya said...

Enjoy your day off today!